Ready-to-Adopt Families

Joshua and Katie

Hello! We are Josh, Katie and Carson. Thank you for choosing life for your child. We know this must be a difficult decision that you are facing and we are praying that God gives you wisdom, clarity and peace. We are a family that loves God and desires to bring Him glory in all things. We’ve been married for over 11 years and are excited to make our little boy, who was also adopted, a big brother. We have been blessed with a wonderful group of family and friends that share our lives and are excited to have another child to join our family.

Phillip and Kate

Hugs to you, the expectant mother! You are an amazing woman who is so courageous to have chosen life for your child. We are Phillip and Kate. We met later in life after we both became accomplished in our professions. We are now in our early 50’s, have been married for 5 years, have no child of our own, and we are eager to be parents. We look forward to meeting our child through adoption!

We pray that the Lord will give you peace as you choose a forever family for your baby and we pray you consider us to be that family. May God’s love and favor surround you.

Justin and Summer

Hello! We are Justin + Summer — we have been praying for you already, and we are so excited to meet you. We have been married for 5 years, and our lives are founded on Jesus, family, and fun! Our son Noah was born in November 2018, and we can’t wait to add more children to our crew. Our family loves the Lord, spending time with family + friends, doing a variety of fun things outdoors, celebrating the smallest of things in the biggest of ways, and just being together. We have a deep desire to be an encouraging and life-giving influence to the world around us. We know that what you’re going through is very difficult, and would love the opportunity to show God’s love to you and your child, if you’ll let us.

Brian and Monica

Hi! We are Brian and Monica and are so thankful you have chosen life for your child!  Know that God loves you and has a beautiful plan for you and for the life of your baby.  We desire to give your baby a loving Christian home, surrounded by our supportive and caring friends and family.  Although we are in the city, we love exploring new places and being near the water or the mountains as much as possible. We also enjoy many kinds of music, art and dance.  We are involved with our church and community and we treasure our time helping and serving others. At home, we are laid back with our 4 furry felines.  We honor you for your courage at this tough time and we pray blessings upon you.  May God give you strength, peace and joy, now and always.

Samuel and Amie

Hi! We are Samuel and Amie, and have a 4-year-old daughter, Leah. As we begin this journey, we want you to know how very excited we are to grow our family through adoption. We are praying for you as you make some very difficult decisions, and we are also rejoicing that you have chosen life for your child! We are looking forward to our daughter having a sibling to grow up with.

Nick and Kelsey

Hi! We have been praying for you and your baby for a very long time and pray that God will lead and direct you in finding your child’s forever home. We are high school sweethearts who have been married for eleven years and have two precious daughters: Lyla and Lily. We view adoption as a beautiful reminder of the way God has adopted us into his family and are excited to display that same kind of love by growing our family through adoption. Our desire is to provide a home for your baby, where they will hear the gospel, feel unconditional love, and be surrounded by family and friends. Please know that, if you feel led to choose us as parents, your baby will always know their story and that we admire the love and strength that it took for you to place your child.

George and Beth

Hi! We are so honored that you might consider us to adopt your baby. We respect you so much for the deep love you already have for your baby and for the courage and care you are showing through this difficult decision. We have been praying for both of you for a long time! Our family has already been blessed through the gift of adoption, and we are excited for the opportunity to experience that joy again. We dream of seeing our daughter as a big sister with siblings. We cannot wait to meet you!

James and Abby

We are James and Abby Smith. We live in a sweet neighborhood in DFW, and love our church, friends, and finding fun adventures. We are so excited to grow our family through adoption, and are already praying for our child!

Steven and Tawny

Hello, we are Steven and Tawny and have been married since 2014. We do not have children, but are trusting God to match us with the child of our hearts desire. Thank you for considering adoption, your love for your baby is beautiful and we are honored that you would consider us as adoptive parents.

Anthony and Krystle

Hi! We are Krystle and Anthony. We are high school sweethearts, and have been married since 2007. We enjoy family, friends, Astros baseball and traveling. We can’t wait to welcome a child into our lives, and are looking forward to this adoption journey.

Nathan and Bethany

Hi! We are Nathan and Bethany. We’ve been married for 16 years, and after being foster parents to a handful of children over the past 4 years, we (and our dog Lily) are excited about the possibility of providing a “forever home” in our family through adoption. We find joy in being outdoors, reading books, taking trips, and spending time with our church family, friends and neighbors. We can’t wait to have a little one join us as we grow together. Wherever life finds you right now, we’d love to learn more about you and let you get to know us.

James and Emily

Hello! We’ve been praying for you and your precious baby for a long time. Thank you for choosing the ultimate example of love through adoption and life for your child. We’ve been happily married since 2010, enjoying life together in many different areas of Texas. We’re an adventurous, caring couple with big hearts. The only piece missing is a treasured child to cherish and share in our many blessings. We would be honored to be entrusted with this gift, as it would allow us to fulfill a life long dream of being parents.

Forrest and Kayla

Hello, we are the Roses! We live on a farm in rural Arkansas and have been married 11 years and counting. We love enjoying the beauty and peace of the farm, taking care of our giant garden, having adventures, and getting up to mischief with our son. We have been blessed by adoption once before, and would love to grow our family once again. Thank you for considering us. Your decision is not an easy one, and we respect that. We, along with all our extended and church family and friends, are praying for you as you walk this path.

Russell and Laura-Ann

Hi there! We are Russell and Laura-Ann. We have been married 7 years. We have two dogs and enjoy spending time with each other and dreaming about our future. We are both extremely family oriented and can’t wait to see the Lord’s plan to grow ours. Thank you for being courageous and choosing the gift of life. We pray for blessings and favor for you and this decision you are making.

Matthew and Danah

Hi, we’re Matthew and Danah. We were blessed through adoption in 2017, and God has given us the desire to expand our family again. We’re a fun loving family, who enjoys spending as much time as possible outside – attending sporting events (mostly tball and soccer these days), hosting gatherings for friends, finding new things to do around our small town, or just playing in the backyard with our dog, Stella. We also enjoy taking trips to see family and experiencing new places – our most recent being Yellowstone! With prayer and open hearts we are excited to share the joys of family and welcome a new child into our home.

We recognize the powerful decision you have on your hands and respect that you are considering an adoption plan for your child. We’re praying that you have peace throughout your journey.

Ben and Brittany

Hello! We are Ben & Brittany and we’re so grateful that you’re even considering us. We first off want to say that we have the utmost respect for birthmoms, and we are in awe of your courage and fierce love for your child. We are a fun and vibrant couple who loves to laugh and have a great time together. We have 4 kids, and as you’ll see in our pictures, God has built our family through adoption twice already. We’ve always wanted a big family and we are so excited for God to continue to grow our family through adoption. Praying for you!

Dave and Jen

Hi! We are a fun-loving, retired military family, married for 15 years and are excited to grow our family through adoption. We are outgoing, adventurous and love to travel, taking road trips and exploring new places. We are active in our church and community, with a very supportive extended family. Our desire is to provide a Christ-centered, loving and nurturing home for your baby and to provide an environment to support their goals and dreams.

Mike and Katie

We are family-oriented and fun-loving and are excited to welcome another child into our home. We were blessed with a son in 2021 through the gift of adoption and are looking forward to him becoming a big brother! We love spending time outdoors going hiking, camping, kayaking, and taking walks in our many local parks. We love calling East Texas our home and are blessed to have so many family members living nearby. We are active members in our church and enjoy volunteering in our community. We love to take road trips and explore new places. We look forward to creating new memories as we expand our family through adoption!

Stephen and Holly

Hi there! We are Stephen & Holly. We would be honored to start this journey with you and have been praying for you already! We have been married for 7 years and are excited to grow our family through adoption. If you were to step into our home, you would find a warm, welcoming, and fun-loving couple who relies on Jesus Christ as the foundation of everything they do. It is important to us to live our lives alongside other believers to have support and encouragement in the good times and bad. Your child would not just be joining a family but a loving community as well.

Kory and Katie

Hi! We are Kory and Katie. We have been married for 9 years. We have been praying for you and your child for a long time and we’re looking forward to growing our family through Adoption. We would be thrilled and honored for you to choose our family to provide a loving and caring forever home for your child.

David and Leah

It’s a privilege to share our story with you and get to know you and hear your story. We have been married for over 16 years and believe it or not, were born on the same day in hospitals just down the street from each other! It’s neat to see how God was weaving our lives together from day one, and how He is at work right now in our lives through adoption. Having our daughter 9 years ago, we are able to look back and see what a miracle it was to have her at all! The struggles of infertility and loss have been a part of our lives pretty much ever since, and yet God in His infinite love and mercy has been hard at work behind the scenes the whole time, leading us to YOU and to the beautiful life you carry inside. We are hopeful to meet you one day and know that we are praying for you and your child!

Landon and Mary

In a world where life can turn quickly, where the unexpected can quickly become reality, and where struggles are a regular encounter, we have found that it is necessary to have community. Though little can be done on our own, we can accomplish much together. As the old adage goes, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. As those who believe life is precious, we are excited to be a part of that village, to fill the needed role of parents for a child that needs it. We plan to provide a loving home with many sweet memories of time outdoors, many books read, and laughter with friends and family.

Craig and Denise

Hello there! The selflessness it takes to choose life for your baby is authentic and courageous indeed. This is simply amazing to be a part of your journey as you contemplate adoption for your child. We are Craig and Denise, and we’ve been married 14 years. We live 30 miles south of Houston in a lovely rural neighborhood. In January 2020 we were given the wonderful opportunity to adopt our handsome son, Sebastien, from foster care, and look forward to adopting another child into our family. We both adore animals and have plenty of them — there’s the laid back Ragdoll cats, a fun-loving Cocker Spaniel, and a flock of chickens.

Cord and Valerie

Hello! We are Cord and Valerie and are so thankful that you may be considering us for adopting your precious child. We have been married for 10 years and are beyond excited to expand our family. First off, thank you for being so courageous with your choice of adoption. We have so much respect for you and your hard decision. Secondly, we have and will continue to pray for you, your baby, and your journey. We look forward to meeting you!

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