Ready-to-Adopt Families

Brian and Monica

Hi, we are Brian and Monica. We have been married for 4 years and look forward to welcoming a child into our home. We are a Christian couple who surround ourselves with our family and friends who are all supportive and excited for us as we seek to grow our family through adoption. We would love to be able to provide your baby a loving, caring home.

Zach and Amy

We are Zach and Amy and we’d be honored for you to learn more about us as you consider adoption. Our family has grown through adoption once and we cannot wait to share our love with another child! We pray for your strength and peace in this difficult decision.

Jorden and Whitney

Hello, we are Jorden and Whitney and we are overjoyed to be in this journey of adopting. We were married in 2009, but have known each other since we were in 6th grade. We love being parents and are looking forward to expanding our family through adoption! We have been praying that the Lord will give you strength and fill you with peace as you choose a forever family for your baby and we pray you consider us to be that family.

Damon and Julie

We are a Christian couple in Arkansas. We have been married 20 years. We love history, movies, travel and live in a 3 bedroom brick house, but we only have one child to fill it. We are committed to the Lord and to one another and to raising children in loving, happy home.

Michael and Erin

Hello and thank you for taking a look at us. We are the Easleys, married 7 years with two little boys and a baby girl in heaven. We live on 10 acres south of Abilene, Texas and have cats, goats, and rabbits with plans to add more! We thank you for loving your child enough to choose life, and hope you will consider blessing us.

James and Abby

We are James and Abby Smith. We live in a sweet neighborhood in DFW, and love our church, friends, and finding fun adventures. We are so excited to grow our family through adoption, and are already praying for our child!

George and Beth

Hi! We are so honored that you might consider us to adopt your baby. We respect you so much for the deep love you already have for your baby and for the courage and care you are showing through this difficult decision. We have been praying for both of you for a long time! Our family has already been blessed through the gift of adoption, and we are excited for the opportunity to experience that joy again. We dream of seeing our daughter as a big sister with siblings. We cannot wait to meet you!

Josh and Macy

We are Josh and Macy Dickson, and we are so excited to meet you! We have been praying for you and your baby already and we would love to go through this process with you. We love to be in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, swimming and enjoying God’s creation. One very important part of our lives is our family, and we are so excited about growing our family through adoption again.

Tim and Amanda

We have been married for 12 years, and adoption has been a tremendous gift to our family. We are grateful that you are considering adoption, and we hope and pray that you find what you and your child need through this process. We are an easy going couple that enjoys laughing, adventures, and having fun. We can hardly wait for another child to join our family!

Jake and Rebekah

Hi, we are Jake and Rebekah! We are high school sweethearts that have now been married for 7 years, and we are excited to grow our family. We want you to know that we are praying for you and your child, and we are amazed by how brave you are! We are so excited to meet you.

Nick and Megan

You are courageous for choosing life for your child. We can only imagine the choices you are facing in this season of life. Thank you! We look forward to meeting and hugging you and letting you know how amazing you are. Here is a little about us. We love with our whole hearts and we believe that family goes beyond shared DNA. We don’t currently have children so we are thankful for the blessing that adoption will be for us.

Matthew and Danah

Hi, we’re Matthew and Danah. We were blessed through adoption in 2017, and God has given us the desire to expand our family again. We recognize the powerful decision you have on your hands and respect that you are considering an adoption plan for your child. We’re praying that you have peace in this journey.

Paul and Jen

Hi! We are Paul and Jen. We have been married since 2008. Even since we were dating we knew that adoption would be part of our story. We have been blessed with three children (2014, 2016, 2018) and we are all excited to welcome another child/sibling into our home!

Jake and Jenna

Thank you for taking a moment to consider us! We know you love your little one so much and want what’s best for him/her. We hope you can get to know us and find out if we are the parents you are searching for to entrust with the precious gift you now care for. We have a five year old son and we’re so ready to welcome another child to our little family!

Mike and Katie

We are a family-oriented and fun-loving couple and we can’t wait to welcome a child into our home! We love spending time outdoors going hiking, camping, kayaking, and taking walks with our little dog in the park. We love calling East Texas our home and are blessed to have so many family members living nearby. We are active members in our church and enjoy volunteering in our community. We love to take road trips and explore new places. We look forward to creating new memories as we grow our family through adoption!

Mason and Kaitlin

Hi! We are Mason and Kaitlin and we are so thankful for you taking the time to get to know us. We have fun and we love big. We are eager to add a child to our little family of us and our cute dog. We dream of pouring love and joy into a child and teaching them about the Lord. We love to travel, try new restaurants, watch movies, dance to records in the living room, and spend time with our families. We have a tight knit family that is eager to add another child to love and cherish. We hope you’ll get to know us more and consider us for a Christian home for your child.

Nathan and Meredith

Hello, we are Nathan and Meredith Adams. Thank you for even glancing at our information. Our home and life together is not much, but we want to share it, if we can. We are crazy about each other and promise to work hard to keep our relationship strong so a child can see LOVE.

Josh and Allison

We would like to begin by expressing our respect for you. Choosing adoption for your child is a courageous act and we would be honored if you considered us to parent your child. We are praying for you and your child. May you be blessed.

Bryan and Meagan

Thank you for the very special gift of life to this little one! You are a blessing to all of us and an example of selfless love. We are thankful for your decision and are praying for you and your baby. We promise to love this baby unconditionally! We’re Meagan & Bryan Baker and have been married since 2009. We enjoyed traveling and married life, but our lives weren’t complete without the babies we always dreamed about. In 2012 we discovered that our hopes of having biological children wasn’t possible. Our hearts moved toward adoption and we have since adopted two boys, Cooper and Benjamin. We hope to welcome another little one to our family.

Patrick and Heather

Hello! We are Patrick and Heather. We have been married since 2012. Ever since saying “I do” we have wanted adoption to be apart of our families story. We have been blessed with our son (born in 2016) and our dog, but are so excited to grow our family through adoption.

Evan and Amy

Hi! We are Evan and Amy! We have been married for 9 years and have a precious little boy that we had the joy of bringing home through adoption when he was born in 2017. Becoming parents and building a family has been such a gift to us, and we are excited and hopeful as we wait to see what God has planned next. We are so grateful that you have found Christian Homes and pray you find the perfect home for your sweet baby.

Rolf and Shasta

We are Rolf and Shasta. We have been married since 2007 and enjoy the simple, happy life we share. We are eager to get to know you and to welcome a 2nd child into our family through adoption. The decisions you are faced with are difficult, but we know that God can make something beautiful out of the hardest times.

Marcus and Sarah

Hello, we are Marcus and Sarah from Abilene! We are a couple whose hearts are devoted to Jesus, one another, family, and community. We love to travel and share adventures together. We also love to stay home and enjoy the life we are building. Since childhood, we have both dreamed of the day we would become parents. It is the cry of our hearts to add to our little family. We are eager to have a child to love and welcome into our home. We are delighted to meet the birth parents who will change our lives forever. Thank you for considering us to love and parent your child.

Nathan and Courtney

Hello! We are Nathan and Courtney. We have been married for 7 years and live in Tennessee with our two sons, Jack and Hank. We are excited to grow our family and would be honored for you to consider us to provide a loving Christian home for your child.

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