Adopting Families

Curt and Christy

Hi, our names are Curt and Christy. We may share the same feelings of nervousness about the unknown future, however, there are a few things we can reassure you about: our commitment to Christ and raising your child in a home that will create a sense of adventure in life and never-ending love and honor of you. We can’t wait to meet you and your baby!

Levi and Lindsay

Hi, we are Levi and Lindsay. There is nothing we want more than to welcome another child into our family. Our home is filled with love, laughter, and three adorable dogs. We love each other unconditionally and trust that we can provide a wonderful life for a child. We may not be perfect but we know we can provide everything a child needs to live a full and happy life. We look forward to getting to know more about you and your journey. We feel so blessed to be a part of Christian Homes and know that the Lord is leading us on our adoption journey to allow us to expand our family.

Adam and Shannon

Hello, we are Adam and Shannon and have been blessed with the opportunity to add to our family through adoption. We are a loving, Christian couple who live with our two sweet dogs and are looking forward to growing our family. We love to spend time with family and friends, travel to places both new and old, play games, and watch movies, to name a few. We are praying for you through this entire process and look forward to meeting you soon!

Taylor and Lindsay

Hello- we are Taylor and Lindsay Borders! We have been married since 2010, and have one 6 year old daughter. We feel so honored to be growing our family through adoption, and we have been praying for you! We both come from big, loving and very excited families, and we have SO much love in our hearts to share with another child.

Dakota and Rebekah

Hello! We are Dakota and Rebekah. We live in the country in Central Texas with our 2 girls. We believe that God has given us the stability, joy, and other blessings in our lives so that we can share them with another child. We laugh a lot and love to spend time at home with each other. We live close to family and believe in helping each other, and those around us. We are thrilled for the opportunity of adding another child to our family.

Michael and Jen

You are so courageous for choosing life for your child! We are Mike and Jen and we are looking forward to meeting you. We have been married since 2009 and although we currently live in southeast Texas, we met playing shuffleboard in California. Family is very important to us and we live within a few miles of Jen’s mom, her brother and his wife and kids. We love our nieces dearly, but we are ready to begin a new chapter of our own family. We are so excited to be on this journey of adoption and we look forward to meeting the mother and child who God meant to be in our family.

Scott and Sarah

We are Scott and Sarah, a Christian couple with a deep love of children and backgrounds in teaching. We are truly blessed and excited that God has placed on our hearts to adopt for the second time. We look forward to meeting you and your child. With our fun, caring, and loyal personalities, your child will have every opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment.

Zach and Amy

We are Zach and Amy and we’d be honored for you to learn more about us as you consider adoption. Our family has grown through adoption once and we cannot wait to share our love with another child! We pray for your strength and peace in this difficult decision.

Damon and Julie

We are a Christian couple in Arkansas. We have been married 19 years. We love history, movies, travel and live in a 3 bedroom brick house, but we only have one child to fill it. We are committed to the Lord and to one another and to raising children in loving, happy home.

Rick and Jennifer

We are Rick and Jennifer, and we have been married for 19 years. We are so excited about growing our family through adoption again. We are amazed at your courage and dedication to your child, and we pray that our infertility is the answer to your situation.

Austin and Laura

We are an easy-going, Christian couple celebrating 14 years of marriage. So far God has blessed us once with the miracle of adoption, and we feel called to continue to grow our family! We have seen how brave and selfless the choice of adoption is, and we are here to love and support you and help fulfill the dreams you have for your little baby.

Josh and Allison

We would like to begin by expressing our respect for you. Choosing adoption for your child is a courageous act and we would be honored if you considered us to parent your child. We are praying for you and your child. May you be blessed.

Mark and Michelle

Hello! We are Mark and Michelle Cox, and we think the world of you for considering adoption. We don’t know you yet, but we have been praying for you already. While we are a fun-loving, adventurous couple, we also have a heart for people and for children. We have an incredible community of loving people around us that are excited to help us raise a child to be everything he or she was created to be. We cannot wait to support you and your precious baby.

JC and Michelle

We are JC and Michelle. We just celebrated five years of marriage in June. We are compassionate, adventurous, super friendly, fun loving and the best of friends. We have two children, a 19-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son, both of whom can’t wait to meet their new sibling hopefully one day soon. We are imperfectly perfect, a faith-filled family counting down the days until God answers our prayers with the joy and laughter of a precious new baby through the gift of adoption.

Hunter and Jennifer

Hi, we are the Hanners. We’re high school sweethearts that have been married for 15 years. We love to travel and be active with our ten year old son, and eight year old twin sons. Our life was pretty much a fairy tale. Then, the unexpected happened, and our lives got turned upside down five years ago. God was at work in all of it, and it’s lead us here to Christian Homes. We haven’t lived a life without struggles, but because of it we certainly know what’s important. God, family, and love are the backbone of our family.

Jay and Arlene

Hi! We are the Froschs. We are a happy and fun couple celebrating almost ten years together and seven years of marriage. We have a sweet two year old Golden Retriever, Bella. Arlene is a pediatric Occupational Therapist and Jochen “Jay” is a Sr. Mechanical Engineer. We love to travel, scuba dive and spend time outdoors. We want nothing more than to be parents, and have had a long, hard journey of infertility. We know God will bless us with a child when the time is right and we are so excited to grow our family.

Keith and Julie

We are Keith and Julie. After 4 years of marriage we are settled into such a beautiful life together with our daughter Abigail. We are surrounded by very excited family and a huge network of close friends and church family. Keith and I love to live life to the fullest. We have been praying for you and no words can express how excited we are to have the potential opportunity to join hands with you as you walk into this special journey of motherhood. We are thrilled that God has us on this path and can’t wait for Him to complete our family.

Kevin and Jenny

We have been married 15 years, and our home is filled with creativity, learning, and adventure. We support and encourage one another in trying new things and taking on new challenges. The journey you’re on is brave, and we can only imagine how difficult it is. Kevin has the privilege of pastoring a church. Our church is filled with a group of people we call family who eagerly join in our excitement for this next chapter. Compelled by love, God is leading us to become first-time parents. We know there is no better way to spend our life than to love the child God has for us.

James and McKenzie

Hello! We are the Skidmores, and we have been praying for you for a very long time. We are high school sweethearts and got married in 2012. We are best friends and love nothing more than being with our family. Our home with our two children is filled with love, laughter, joy, and adventure. We would be honored if you would consider us for the adoption of your precious child!

Aaron and Halee

We are Aaron and Halee Lawrence. We have been married for 15 years. We live in Barnsdall, OK. We are very excited to welcome a baby into our home. We have been praying for you and the decision you are about to make. We know that it takes incredible Faith!

Rolf and Shasta

We are Rolf and Shasta. We have been married since 2007 and enjoy the simple, happy life we share. We are eager to get to know you and to welcome a 2nd child into our family through adoption. The decisions you are faced with are difficult, but we know that God can make something beautiful out of the hardest times.

Ryan and Nicole

Hello! We are Nicole and Ryan. We are a Christian couple who will soon celebrate 6 years of marriage and cannot wait to start our family after several years of infertility. Ryan is a high school math teacher and Nicole is a speech language pathologist at a large hospital. We are so thankful for you and we are praying over you as you go through this process of adoption. Please know that we have so much love in our hearts to give to the child God has in store for us. We can’t wait to meet you!

Aaron and Chris Ann

We are Aaron and Chris Ann, and we are so excited to meet you! We have been married for five years and have been dreaming of starting a family for just as long! Whether it’s the big and exciting things – traveling, seeing live shows, trying new restaurants – or the small and simple things – a night at home with cookies in the oven, we love spending time together. God has used the past five years of marriage to strengthen our relationship with Him and each other, as well as ready our hearts for adoption. We can’t wait to welcome a child into our home!

Matt and Randi

Hi our brave friend! Sure wish we could hug you right now and tell you how amazing and courageous we think you are. As you read this, know we are praying for you- that you will know how deeply God loves you and your baby. We are Matt and Randi Wideman: two imperfect, totally goofy, tons of fun, passionate lovers of Jesus. We have two beautiful girls and it is our great joy in life to shepherd their precious hearts towards Christ. 13 years ago when we were dating, we both felt this special calling to adoption one day. So we are thrilled to get to answer God’s call now to add another special child to our family.

Kareem and Ruba

Hello! We are Kareem and Ruba from Houston. We have been married for 9 years and have a wonderful 4 year old boy named Luke. We are grateful for a life full of blessings and are excited to have the opportunity to grow our family through adoption. We have so much love and laughter in our home and look forward to sharing this with another child.

Patrick and Heather

Hello! We are Patrick and Heather. We have been married since 2012. Ever since saying “I do” we have wanted adoption to be apart of our families story. We have been blessed with our son (born in 2016) and our dog, but are so excited to grow our family through adoption.

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