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Knowing how to respond to a young woman who says she’d rather get an abortion than consider adoption is the subject of a training workshop developed by Christian Homes & Family Services. Offered free for pregnancy resource centers and other professionals who have contact with young women facing unplanned pregnancies, the free lunch-and-learn program provides information on proposing the option of adoption as well as current adoption practices. Research has shown that when a counselor or social worker feels like he/she has up-to-date information on adoption, they are more likely to have success presenting adoption as an alternative to abortion to pregnant young women.

At Adoption Option training workshops, Christian Homes provides lunch along with take-home materials, talking points and DVDs. The Lunch-and-Learn program is made possible through the Pat Meleen Vaughn Celebration of Life Fund at the Community Foundation of Abilene. If you or someone you know are interested in scheduling a Lunch-and-Learn, please contact Valerie Murray at



Most of us never think about the pocket or purse change we accumulate. A Change for Children campaign turns loose change into meaningful support for babies and children who need safe, loving, Christian homes. Some keep a change can on their office desk and another somewhere at home. Occasionally, they drop in a folding bill or a personal check. In time, the can is full. Even the smallest gift becomes a powerful resource.

Change cans are delivered by mail or by a representative of Christian Homes. The participating organization determines the number of cans it needs.

How it Works

  • Choose a start date or “Kick-off” Sunday
  • Distribute cans to willing participants
  • Encourage members to take as many cans as they can fill during the 12-week campaign
  • Ask business owners to take cans for their sales counters or reception areas
  • Have members return their cans twelve weeks later.

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