Why Choose Christian Homes

Good question. After all, there are lots of agencies out there who have the ability to help you find a family, but there is only one agency like Christian Homes and Family Services.

At Christian Homes, we hold our adoptive couples to very high standards. Your child will be adopted by a father and a mother who have made these three promises:

1. They are committed to each other so your child will always have a stable loving home.
2. They are committed to the Lord so your child will know Jesus.
3. They are committed to teaching your child to walk in the truth.

And, if you’re also worried about who will help you find you a good doctor and assist with paying your medical bills, or where you will live and how you will get by, we’re prepared to help you take care of that, too.

At Christian Homes, you’ll always be a hero for putting the future of your baby first.


In addition, at Christian Homes & Family Services, your adoption plan is custom made to make you feel confident and comfortable about your decision. You will never feel forced to do anything you are not comfortable with. As an agency, it is our top priority to take exceptional care of our birth mothers.

During this process you will work one on one with a caseworker who will consider your needs and wishes, and the hopes and dreams you have for you and your baby, when creating an adoption plan.

You will have the opportunity to choose the parents for your child when placing your baby for adoption, as well as decide how much contact you want to have with the adoptive couple after your baby is born. Whether or not you choose to have contact with the adoptive couple is up to you. The choice is completely yours.