Foster to Adopt

When the State removes a child from its biological family – typically for abuse or neglect – one would hope that the parents would immediately remedy the situation and be allowed to reunite with their child. More often, however, the parents’ problems only escalate, leaving the child in the perpetual care of the state. For many children, it means a lifetime of shuffling from one temporary living situation to another. Most of the time it also means being separated from the only family they might still be able to count on: their brothers and sisters.

The goal of Christian Homes’ foster-to-adopt ministry is to find  a forever family for each of these children: a mother and a father to care for them, love them, adopt them, and be their permanent new family — forever. We accomplish our goal by recruiting Christian couples whom God calls to establish a permanent relationship with foster children that culminates in adoption.

We recognize that we are tackling a difficult task. After all, most foster parents who adopt the children in their care do not continue to foster after the adoption. Undoubtedly we are setting ourselves up for a revolving door of sorts: recruit- train-foster-adopt-repeat. Nevertheless, we believe it is in the best interest of every child, permanently removed from his or her biological family, to be forever joined with a loving, Christian family through adoption. Simply stated: if someone is to be stuck in a revolving door, better the agency than a child.


To comply with State regulations, Christian Homes may only provide foster care or foster-to-adopt for children in the conservatorship of the State in two regions: the Tyler area in East Texas, and the Abilene area in central West Texas.

To be considered for foster-to-adopt parenthood, contact Christian Homes at (800) 592-4725 or email