Fees & Financial Assistance

The Christian Homes & Family Services Board of Trustees, many of whom adopted their own children, understand the heartache and frustration you may be going through; therefore the infant adoption fees are based on a sliding scale.

In addition, the Trustees are active in securing financial support for at least 50% of the ministry’s expenses, all of which offset adoption fees and as a result reduce the cost of each adoption. Here is more information about our infant adoption fees and affording your child’s adoption.



The five factors which have the most impact on infant adoption fees are:

  • Expenses incurred in caring for your child’s birth mother. Among the maternity services Christian Homes provides are:
    • day and evening response to inquiring birth mothers
    • professional social work
    • access to great medical care
    • safe and comfortable housing
    • food and clothing
    • transportation
    • educational opportunities
    • legal services
    • pregnancy-related counseling and
    • emotional support
  • Expenses incurred in providing the same maternity services to birth mothers who consider adoption but ultimately choose to keep their babies.
  • Expenses incurred in advertising and promoting adoption as an alternative to abortion, and training pregnancy centers’ staff and volunteers, and other referral sources on how to offer adoption as a loving alternative to abortion.
  • The cost of meeting state-mandated staffing, legal, counseling  and record-keeping requirements.
  • The cost of providing a lifetime of post-adoption services to the adoptee, the adoptive family and the birth parents.



Fees are paid throughout the course of the adoption process. As significant milestones are reached, approvals are granted, and legal work is finalized, couples are expected to pay the fees associated with that service. The largest single fee — the match/placement fee — is paid when you and your child’s birth mother have been matched or the baby has been placed with your family. The match/placement fee is immediately refunded in the unlikely situation the adoption does not occur.



Most adopting couples qualify for the Federal Adoption Tax Credit of $13,460. Personal circumstances vary, so couples are encouraged to consult their accountant or tax advisor for specific information.



During Christian Homes’ two-day Adoption Orientation, you will learn about grant programs, loan programs and travel discounts available to adopting couples. You’ll also hear about many creative approaches other adopting couples have taken to fund adding a precious child to their family through adoption.



A typical adoption — after the Federal Adoption Tax Credit — is $11,925 to $15,030.

The minimum adoption fee before the Federal Adoption Tax Credit is $24,895. The maximum adoption fee before the Federal Adoption Tax Credit is $40,995.



You will receive a complete schedule of adoption fees in the introductory packet. We are happy to visit with you about your individual circumstances and estimate your fees. Please let us know how we can help you begin your adoption journey. If you have any questions, please call us at 325-677-2205 or email attn@christianhomes.com