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Christian Homes & Family Services Annual Fall Dinner
Growing Faith, Families, Futures featuring actor Kirk Cameron
For information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact our office at 800-592-4725.

ABILENE: Monday, October 15, 2018
Would you like to meet Kirk Cameron in Abilene? Click here for tickets

TYLER: Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Would you like to meet Kirk Cameron in Tyler? Click here for tickets!

Adopting Families

Austin and Laura

We are an easy-going, Christian couple celebrating 14 years of marriage. So far God has blessed us once with the miracle of adoption, and we feel called to continue to grow our family! We have seen how brave and selfless the choice of adoption is, ...

Chris and Jackie

We have been married for 13 wonderful years. We are both teachers and spend our summers and holiday vacations building lasting family memories as a family. We are very active and like to spend time outdoors. We love summer trips to the beach with extended ...

Barry and Samantha

We are a blessed couple with two precious young boys and a huge extended family. We reside in a rural South East Texas town where we were both grew up. We live on a large ranch where we raise cattle, horses, and miniature donkeys. Rodeoing, ...

Damon and Julie

We are a Christian couple in Arkansas. We have been married 18 years. We love history, movies, travel and live in a 3 bedroom brick house, but we only have one child to fill it. We are committed to the Lord and to one another ...