Unplanned Pregnancy Counseling


Things may seem uncertain right now if you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. As you consider what to do and what choice is right for you and your baby, please call us to talk. It’s why we are here.

Our trained and experienced caseworkers will listen, answer questions, and help you sort through your emotions and feelings that come along with an unplanned pregnancy. This is not an easy decision, but we are here to help you along the way. No matter what decision you make, we are here for you.

Please contact us anytime for unplanned pregnancy counseling. You don’t have to give us your name or even tell us from where you are calling. When you are ready to take the next step, we’ll be ready to help.

Call the pregnancy helpline at 1-800-592-4725 or text 888-313-4725 to talk about your pregnancy now. When we’re not in the office, we are still available to help after hours and even on a holiday.