Brad and Erica’s Letter

Dear Birth Momma,

I wish we knew your name right now, but we already know you’re an amazing person! You are loved more than you’ll ever know by a God who is far better than anything any of us could ever dream of. You likely have a lot of emotions as this is a hard decision to make, but it can also be one of the most loving decisions you make for your child. We admire your strength & courage. We’re praying for God’s peace to comfort you and your baby, and for continued strength. We’re supportive of you no matter who you choose to be the parents of your baby.

We’re Erica + Brad. We started dating in 2010 after a fun bingo game night. Brad organized the event on Facebook and while he didn’t know to invite Erica, she was invited by mutual friends from the church they both attended. Although we didn’t score a technical BINGO that night, we did hit it off and the rest is history! We live in Dallas where we love cooking together, date nights, watching The Voice, family time at the lake house, walking through our neighborhood, and any chance to visit the beach. We’ve been married for over 10 years and we began talking about adoption before we were even engaged – little did we know we’d be unable to conceive and would be adopting to start our family!

We really enjoy the community of friends we have through church. Our small group meets regularly for family dinner where we discuss the week’s sermon, share life, and pray for each other. Our group prays for you too. We have a lot of fun together! We enjoy serving at church by greeting folks and also helping with kids and the elderly. Our church is a beautiful and easy 10-minute drive away. Our neighborhood is very friendly with winding streets, a creek, a park, and lots of trees. Neighbors are always out walking and jogging with strollers and dogs. We host neighborhood get-togethers at our home about once every-other-month where we hang out with our neighbors.

Brad’s parents, siblings, and their kiddos all live out-of-state, and while visits are more of a drive, the family farm in Iowa is always fun to visit. All the nieces and nephews love to ride in the tractors and semi-trucks. There is always a lot to explore and adventures to be had! His family loves to encourage and teach children life tools and applications on the farm. Erica’s parents moved to a suburb just outside of Dallas to be closer to their soon-to-be newest grandbaby! For years they have enjoyed teaching little children at church in Sunday School and during summer for Vacation Bible School. They are great with kids! Erica’s older sister, brother-in-law, and 1 nephew live in the Houston and Austin areas. They have a fun lake house that we enjoy and visit frequently during the summers. All our family can hardly wait to meet the new addition!

Brad moved to Texas to attend college at Texas A&M University – earning a degree in Environmental Design and a Master’s degree in Construction Management. He works in project management and development building hospitals, office buildings, and even college stadiums. His job grants him great flexibility with his office only 10 minutes from home.

Erica is a native Texan raised in the sweetest town on earth: Sugar Land, TX. Eventually, she moved to America’s friendliest city, Lubbock, TX, to study interior design at Texas Tech University. She’s had her own small interior design company for years and has designed hotels, apartments, mansions, and everything in-between. Owning her own company gives her great flexibility for family. Erica plans to stay at home with kids.

We’re very, very ready to start a family through adoption and would love to encourage, nurture, and support your child for the rest of our lives! We’re looking forward to teaching our littles all about God’s love for them, God’s love for you, and God’s love for the whole world. We want our children to always know how brave, loving, and selfless you are in putting their needs above yours. If you are comfortable, we’d love for our child to know you and have a relationship with you. All-in-all it’s hard for us to express just how grateful we are for birth mothers like you. THANK YOU!!!

With big hugs & love for you,
Erica & Brad Ahrens; (214) 306-4671

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