Russell and Laura-Ann’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We cannot imagine the decisions or path that you are currently facing. This, quite possibly, may be the hardest decision you will ever make. We know that you are courageous and love this sweet baby a tremendous amount. Adoption is very dear to our hearts, partly because Russell’s family started with adoption. It is such a beautiful act of love, and we are so thankful you are choosing life for your sweet baby. We have both been actively praying for you and your journey for quite a while.

We have been happily married for six years, and together a total of ten years. We like to laugh, joke, and have fun together. We make sure to prioritize our marriage and each other as best as we can. For the most part, Laura-Ann tends to be a bit more social and Russell tends to be laid back. We love taking vacations or weekend get aways and exploring new places together. One of our favorite parts of life is making memories together, whether that includes family dinners, time spent with friends, or movie nights in with our dogs on the couch. Family has and will always be so important to us. We are lucky to have a great support system, including family, our church group, and various friends who have been with us during our infertility struggles and now our journey through the adoption process. So many people are ready to love on our future baby.

Jesus has a plan for us, and for you, and we are forever thankful for that. We are so ready to be parents, but we know it is all in God’s timing. We have seen Him move in mighty ways, and we cannot wait to see what else is in store for us. We are honored that you are taking the time to get to know a little about us. We will continue to pray for you and the decisions you will have to make. We will pray for peace for your heart, as we know the decision ahead will be both hard and full of love.

With Love,
Russell and Laura-Ann

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