Nick and Kelsey’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Through Christ, you are a daughter of the King and there is nothing in your life that happens outside of your Heavenly Father’s will. He is sovereign over your life and He is sovereign over the life of your baby. We pray that you feel His peace and comfort and that your baby is placed with a family that He has led you to, whether it is with us or not.

We are high school sweethearts who first met in 2004. Nick was the captain of the football team and had returned home from a long day of practice. To his surprise, Kelsey, who was on the cheerleading team, was waiting for him with a batch of fresh baked cookies! Nick asked her to the homecoming dance and the rest was history.

Since then, we both graduated from the University of Texas (Hook’em), got married, and had two precious little girls, Lyla June (5) and Lily Joy (2.5). The life of a parent is joyful and beautiful, but requires a lot of selflessness and patience. We talk to Lyla and Lily about adoption and how we are going to be adding another baby to our family. They are excited and switch back and forth between wanting another sister or wanting a little brother to love and watch over. As a family, we are ready and prepared to love any child that is placed in our care.

We love spending time together and enjoy going on dates, traveling, dance parties, family movie night, church activities, attending Nick’s football games, trying new restaurants, eating ice cream, and making each other laugh. We support each other’s dreams, both big and small. Our relationship with Christ is the cornerstone of our marriage and the reason that we have been able to love each other so well. We are committed to each other and our marriage and promise that your baby will always have a home with two loving parents in it.

We live in a sweet little neighborhood that is near both sets of grandparents. They take the girls on special outings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our house sits on a greenbelt with deer and wildlife in the backyard and a large field in front of our house where the kids play tee ball, tag, and ride their bikes. We have a park down the street that we frequent on a daily basis and a neighborhood pool where we all go swimming during the summer. We feel very blessed by God to have the life that we do and we would love to share that blessing with another child through adoption.

With all of that being said, the joy and the sorrow of adoption is not lost on us. We see it and we acknowledge it. We want you to know that you matter to us. We care about your hopes, dreams and feelings. We hope and desire for you to continue to connect with your baby, if you so choose. We promise to love your baby unconditionally, remind them of your love, and most importantly share the gospel with them; both through our actions and our words.

With Love,
Nick & Kelsey

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