George and Beth

We are so excited about becoming parents and growing our family through adoption! We know God has led us to this decision, and we can’t wait to know this little one personally and to love him or her unconditionally with all our hearts. We can’t wait to introduce this baby to a loving God, and to two loving families (of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) and to our many church friends who have already been hoping and praying for him/her for so long. Since so many of our close friends have already adopted or fostered, we know we will always have an understanding and supportive community around our little family as we raise this baby through the ups and downs of life. We respect you so much for the deep love you already have for your baby and for the courage and care you are showing through this difficult decision. Please know that, if you feel led to choose us as parents, your baby will always know his or her story, will always know love, family, provision, and will always know our endless hopes and dreams for his/her life. Also, know that we are praying for you as God guides you through this journey. God Bless you!

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Basic Information

Name:  George
Age:  40
Education:  Masters of Divinity
Profession:  Executive Pastor
Personality Traits:  Friendly, kind, giving, dependable, responsible, loves family, loves to have fun.
Race/Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Religion:  Christian (Baptist)
Hobbies & Interests:  Traveling, being outdoors, gardening, household projects, spending time with friends and family, attending festivals.

Name:  Beth
Age:  35
Education:  Graduate School Certificate
Profession:  Office Manager
Personality Traits:  Friendly, trustworthy, kind, patient, loves to laugh.
Race/Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Religion:  Christian (Baptist)
Hobbies & Interests:  Traveling, Attending concerts and festivals, Hosting friends and family in our home, Baking.

We Hope to Adopt A Child Who Is...

Age:  Less than a year old
Race/Ethnicity:  Anglo; Hispanic; Native American; Anglo/Hispanic; Anglo/Native American; Hispanic/Native American
Will Consider:  Multiples; Sibling Sets; Healthy; Special/Medical needs on a case by case basis.

We believe that each child is a gift from the Lord. And, while we of course dream about having a happy and healthy child, above and beyond all else we are hoping for a baby who simply needs a place to be cared for and loved. We are so ready to be a Mom and a Dad, providing a stable, nurturing, supportive and loving home. Since this will be our first child, whom we have longed for and prayed about for several years, we are ready to make up for lost time. We are ready to give all of our focus and attention to this little one. We are ready for a home that is filled with laughter, and games, and stories, and toys, and even with crying, and diapers, and sleepless nights too. We are ready for the whole package. And, as we think about that whole big beautiful mess we can’t wait for the day when we will finally get to meet your baby for the very first time. We can’t wait to introduce him/her to Jesus and to all the love we have to give.

More Information about Our Family

Married:  8 years
Residence:  Single-story, brick ranch with 3 bedrooms and 2 bath
State:  Texas
Neighborhood:  Suburban
Other Children:  None