George and Beth’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Your life and the life of your baby are precious to God and to us! We have great respect for the deep love you already have for your baby. We recognize the sacrifices you are making because of that love and we realize the strength and courage it takes for you to make these difficult choices on your baby’s behalf. We will continue praying for you as the Lord works in your life and as you decide what is best for your baby. We have already joined you in dreaming about his or her future. If you choose to place your baby with us, our desire will be to provide him or her with lots of love and the best opportunities to succeed in life. Thank you for loving your baby so much that we may also get to love him or her. We can’t wait to meet this little one!

We are so excited about growing our family again through adoption. We dreamed of becoming parents for years leading up to the adoption of our daughter, Ruby, in 2018. She has brought so much joy to our family! We are grateful to her birth parents for blessing us through the gift of adoption. It has been very important to us for Ruby to know her adoption story and have a relationship with her birth family. We hope the same will be possible for our next child, too. Now we pray for the opportunity for her to be a big sister and know the fun and adventure of having siblings to grow up with together.

Family is very important to both of us. We each have one brother and one sister, and we have been blessed with two nieces and four nephews (ranging in age from newborn to 11 years old). George is originally from Virginia, and Beth grew up in Florida. We met in college at Virginia Tech and got married in 2009. We now live in North Texas. Because we live far away from our families, we all try to travel often for visits and keep in touch by FaceTime. Our local church has also become like family to us and has been a great support to our family. Our community of friends and family are incredibly supportive of adoption. Your baby is already well-loved by so many people who can’t wait to meet him or her in person!

George is the Executive Pastor of our church. He enjoys serving others through his daily work. He is thoughtful, caring, and a fun and playful dad. Beth is an incredibly involved stay-at-home mom. She loves spending every day with our daughter. They enjoy playing together at home, adventuring to local parks and playgrounds, joining in story times at the Library, doing craft projects, playing in the back yard, and being with friends at weekly church events. Ruby is a happy and energetic 2-year-old. She is incredibly loving and sweet. She enjoys playing with dolls and giving hugs to our dog, Lexie. She loves taking walks to the pond near our home where we blow bubbles and look for ducks. She will be a wonderful big sister!

In our free time, we enjoy being with family & friends, traveling & exploring new places, working on projects around the house, and being outdoors. We are a beach family and try to travel to the ocean every year. We love to laugh and have fun. We are very involved in our church community and enjoy opportunities that allow us to serve others together.

Our home is filled with love, and we are ready to share that love with a new baby. We would consider it a great privilege and responsibility to raise that child to follow Jesus and love and serve others. Thank you for taking time to read this note and learn more about us. We are excited to be on this adoption journey and look forward to the day we are finally able to meet you!

With Love,

George & Beth

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