Doug and Kirsten’s Letter

Dear Expectant Mother,

There is no way to fully express ourselves to you in this letter. We know that what we say here may fall short of the words you need to hear. We are grateful that God’s Word is sufficient in all circumstances! Our hearts deeply ache, as we ponder the overwhelming emotions you may be experiencing and that may come with placing your child for adoption. On another note, we recognize that reading letters like this and looking through albums of families who are ready to welcome your child into their family may bring you relief. We are praying that God’s peace that surpasses all understanding would be your strength in this journey.

While going through a multiple year journey of infertility, we have prayed that God would use our unexpected circumstance to bring Him glory and comfort others. We know that life does not always unfold like we expect it to, but we believe that God can bring beautiful stories out of some of the hardest realities. We believe that while we have been waiting God has equipped us to be more Christ-like spouses and parents.

We have a loving and involved support system of family, friends, church community, and neighbors. When we aren’t traveling or camping, we love having our friends and family over for food and games. They describe us as fun, intentional, hard working, proactive, generous, and selfless. We are thankful for our community that counsels us, supports us, and celebrates with us.

Doug is steadfast, creative, and hard-working. His peaceful spirit helps calm emotions, and his favorite saying is, “it’s going to be okay.” Doug is a master chef and enjoys cooking and baking all kinds of cuisines. He is also the mastermind behind our house projects and can repair just about anything. He has been loyal to the same company for the past nine years working as a financial data analyst. His job provides financial stability to our family, which allows for us to travel and will provide a variety of opportunities for our future children.

Kirsten is encouraging, nurturing, and engaging. She works as a part time kindergarten teacher at a sweet Christian school and loves investing in each of her students and their families. She takes the time to meet the individual needs of the children in her care and encourages them with scripture and positive reinforcement. We are grateful that when God allows us to become parents, Doug’s job will allow Kirsten to spend each day investing into our own children. She is excited to use her gifts to help our future children learn and grow through engaging hands-on activities.

We hope to have the honor of meeting you and would love to be a source of support. Our desire is to be involved in your journey and for you to be involved in your baby’s life. We do, however, respect any space or time you may need as you make difficult decisions. Thank you for considering us as a potential family for your precious child.

All Our Love,
Doug and Kirsten; (214) 664-9755

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