Brian and Michelle’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for taking the time to read about our story and get to know us better.  Before we introduce ourselves, we want to acknowledge your incredible courage and strength in considering the choice of adoption.  We are praying that this decision brings you peace and comfort, even in the midst of loss.  We want you to know most of all that we will raise your child to know how much of a loving and selfless sacrifice you made in order for us to be a family.

We are Michelle and Brian.  Our story began in 2005 when we were both in post-college programs through our church.  While we had gone to the same college, had similar friend groups, and went to the same church, we never met until one night when we all went out dancing.  Brian ended up being the only guy to show up, but I wasn’t complaining!  As we talked, I knew immediately that he was (and IS) special.  During the course of that year, we had many more times to get to know one another as friends.  It wasn’t long before we started dating and soon realized we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  We became each other’s best friend.  We grew together in a love for one another and shared a love for books, good food, conversation, music, and faith.  Even from the beginning, we knew God brought us together for a purpose and created in our hearts a desire to love each other, serve our community, and share in the blessing of starting a family one day.

While that day did not come for a few years, being that we were both in school and working, our hearts remained hopeful.  Eventually, we were able to have our first child without too much trouble, but our second took 2 years.  We were incredibly grateful and even though we desired a big family, we knew that we were blessed.  We went on with our lives, raising children, working, and living.  A good 5 years passed, and one day, Michelle found out she was pregnant!  We were overjoyed and so hopeful for this new addition but to our great sadness, we lost the baby in a second trimester miscarriage.   After many months of working through the pain and grief, God allowed us to see that He wasn’t done growing our family.   He gave us the desire, first Michelle, and then Brian, to grow our family through adoption.

As we continued to pray about this choice, we started to tell friends and family.  Our family is very important to us.  Both parents live close by and have been married for almost 50 years!  Our children see their grandparents weekly and have a close relationship with them.  Our friends are near and dear to us as well and we meet together regularly.  Our children go to an amazing Christian private school and are involved in sports, play piano, and love to be outdoors.  We live in a comfortable home in a neighborhood with lots of kids, on the lake with a dock, and 4 very playful pets!  Annie, our German Shepherd is the sweetest girl, always looking after us.  Teddy, our Corgi, is on constant alert and thinks he runs the household!  Judo and Violet are brother and sister cats who are snuggly, sweet and keep a close watch on all things outdoors.  Michelle loves to cook and we have our friends and family over often.  Our kids’ cousins live further away, but we make purposeful time to be together at least a few times yearly.

Brian works as an Emergency Medicine doctor at our local hospital.  He has a very rewarding career caring for patients and serving in hospital administration.  He is able to make his own schedule and prioritizes getting home early enough to play with the boys and eat dinner together as a family on most days.  He is one of the hardest working, most diligent people I have ever known.  He loves his family so well and is generous with his time and resources.  He is fun, loves music, loves to laugh, and is such a good father.  Michelle’s favorite title is “mommy” and is trained as a dietitian but stays home to run the house!  Michelle is nurturing, caring, considerate, and a helper.  She loves cooking and creating healthy, tasty meals for her family.  When she’s free, she enjoys Pilates, good books, and being outside in her flower garden or on a walk.  Michelle loves children and serves in programs at church and in the community.

We hope this has given you a small glimpse into our family.  Adoption is something we have put a lot of prayers into.  We are deeply looking forward to loving this child and welcoming him or her into our family.  Our home is full of laughter, music, and joy.  We aren’t perfect, but we laugh a lot, love each other, and can’t wait to welcome this new family member!

With love,
Michelle and Brian

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