Brandon and Julie’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

When we think about you, the word that always comes to mind is “brave.” You are so strong and courageous to consider adoption for your child. As you navigate the decisions in front of you, please know that we are praying for you to have the strength and wisdom to make choices that will serve you and your baby in the best ways possible. We know that your love for your child is irreplaceable, and we respect and admire you for considering us to raise him or her. We will welcome your baby with open and loving arms, will always speak positively about you, and will continue to love and pray for you.

We are Brandon and Julie. We ran in the same extended social circle for many years, but officially met and started dating in early 2013. We were married in October 2014, when we were both 32 years old. Although we sometimes feel like we got married “later in life,” we are so thankful for the time we had to develop our individual personalities, character traits, and faith & values before marriage. As a result, we have a marriage that is based in maturity, clear and open communication, and a shared faith in God that is solid and unshakeable. The first several years of our marriage were filled with unique circumstances and challenges, including job loss, multiple carpal tunnel surgeries, paying off debt, and buying a house — which flooded and then led to a lawsuit. These difficulties have allowed us to build a strong marital foundation, and we know our marriage will remain secure as we move into parenthood and beyond.

We started trying for pregnancy in 2019. After two years with no success, our doctor told us that our chances of pregnancy were slim. We had talked about adoption even while dating and had always hoped that it would be part of our story when we chose to start a family, regardless of our ability to have biological children. The news of our infertility made the decision to pursue adoption very clear-cut, and we are thrilled to be on this journey.

Brandon works in commercial real estate, and Julie is a graphic designer for Cinemark. Both of our jobs allow us to work from home full-time, and we have a lot of flexibility in our schedules. Brandon’s interests include watching movies, playing bass guitar, and golf. Julie loves drawing & painting, swimming, and reading. Both of our families live in the DFW area, and we see them often. They are excited and supportive of our decision to adopt. We also have a 5-pound Maltipoo named Donut. She is sweet and cuddly, and loves all children and adults.

Our house is a 2-story, 3-bedroom brick home with an office, two living spaces and plenty of room to grow our family. Because we are open to a multiethnic adoption, we bought our house in an area of DFW that is extremely diverse. Families from all different backgrounds, cultures, race and religion live in our neighborhood. Our local elementary school is located across the street, and the children who attend represent our area’s diversity. Julie lived overseas while growing up, so international travel and cross-cultural friendships are extremely important to us. If our child does not share our ethnicity, we are committed to connecting them with families and role models who do.

Our church is located just a few miles away, and many of the attendees are multiethnic families. Our church also has a large adoption ministry where we can connect with other adoptive families. We’ve been closely involved in our church for over 14 years, both individually and as a married couple. Julie leads a Women’s Bible Study group, and Brandon plays bass on the Sunday worship team. Some of our closest friends are from our church, and they offer us constant prayer & support through all of life’s challenges.

We are so thankful that you’ve taken time to learn more about us. We have put significant thought and prayer into our decision to adopt, and we know you have as well. We greatly admire you for the deep love you have for your baby.
We are committed to raising our child in a home that is safe, secure, faith-based, and filled with fun, laughter and creativity. We look forward to continuing this journey and getting to know you better!

Brandon & Julie

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