Tres and Abby’s Letter

To the incredible parent(s) making this emotional and painful decision, we’ve been praying for you for a long time now. While we can’t fully empathize with what you’re going through, we know that it’s anything but easy. We’re grateful that you’ve chosen life for your child and that you’re making the difficult parenting decision to have someone else raise them. We pray that you’re empowered to make the right decision for your child, whatever that may be. More than anything, we want you to feel at peace and certain that your child is deeply loved and cared for. We feel strongly that we, along with our Lord’s help, can give you that peace and certainty.

We grew up going to church together and began dating in 2014. Tres graduated from Texas A&M and was in Lawton, OK in artillery school with the Marine Corps. Abby was only 45 minutes away in Edmond attending Oklahoma Christian University. We dated long-distance for a while, got engaged in November 2015, and were married the following October. It’s been seven years, but the time has flown by. Abby is a User Experience Design Manager at a digital consulting agency. She loves designing apps and websites for the healthcare and restaurant industries. Tres has been in sales for the past several years at a hose manufacturing company. Being in sales, you can imagine Tres is pretty outgoing, but that’s an understatement. Tres never meets a stranger. He’s approachable, friendly, and already has a dad-like sense of humor. Some of Tres’ hobbies include fishing and watching college football, especially Texas A&M. Abby is more of an introvert, but still loves getting together with friends for social outings. She’s empathetic, kind, and hospitable. Some of her hobbies include cooking, baking, and collecting plants. Together, we love concerts, visiting family, and being involved in church. We’ve been looking into different childcare opportunities for our child, including Tres’ sister who stays at home with our nieces and lives nearby and a daycare that’s only a two-minute walk from our house. Our work schedules are very flexible making it easy to keep our child at home with us if needed.

As they say, opposites attract. Our differing personalities have definitely made our marriage entertaining. We also have 2 dogs, both about 7 years old. One is a female Boxer named Birdy. The other is a male Great Dane named Bud. They also make our lives very entertaining. Our 7 years together have been mostly full of joy, love, and laughing tears. However, we have had some challenges as well. We’ve gone through 4 moves, several job changes, extra schooling, Abby’s mom getting diagnosed with dementia, and Tres’ dad fighting prostate cancer. A bigger, more personal challenge we were blessed with is our infertility. We tried getting pregnant for about 2 years, all the while, talking about how we’d love to adopt even if we were able to conceive. We know adoption can be difficult, messy, and heartbreaking. But the Lord put it on our hearts, and we simply couldn’t ignore it. After some fertility testing, we found out that Abby’s right fallopian tube is blocked, and her egg quality is poor, making it nearly impossible to get pregnant. Finding out this news gave us an odd amount of tranquility. The small amount of sadness that came with this news was completely swallowed up by the giant wave of peace that adoption was the right path for us all along.

Having gone through all of this together has made our marriage so much stronger, especially after realizing that we can’t rely on each other for true contentment. As much as we love and care for each other, we know full well that we would be nothing without God at the center of our marriage. It’s one thing to have a marriage full of hugs, kisses, laughing, and cool vacations. But it means absolutely nothing if we don’t have the Lord with us.

If we’re lucky enough to parent your child, we promise to raise them up to be a strong Christian with good values and have respect and love for everyone. We will take them to church and small group with us. They’ll go to Coppell with us at least once a week to visit aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. They’ll go on walks with us around the pond across the street. We’ll take them to do fun things around town, like visiting our favorite restaurants, going to the library, and attending the occasional FC Dallas game. They’ll also learn about different states as we love to travel across the U.S. We also can’t wait to figure out what our child’s interests will be! Will they be into art? Robotics? Music? Sports? The possibilities are endless. But whatever their interests are will quickly become our interests as well so we can join in on their fun and share special moments with them, doing what they love.

Another thing we’d love for our child is to maintain a relationship with you, whatever that may look like. With this being such a heavy decision, we want to be sensitive to your wants and needs. We know that regular communication with your child could be difficult. Regardless of how often we see you or speak to you, know that we’ll always respect whatever decision you make. Our hearts will always be open to relationship with you, and you will always be in our prayers. At this highly challenging time when you may be feeling uncertain, we pray that God gives you confidence in your decision. We pray that He guides you down the right path and makes that path obvious and easily accessible. If we’re lucky enough to raise your beautiful, perfect child, we’ll be forever grateful. But even if you change your mind and decide to parent, we’ll know that’s what God wants for you and your baby. You and your child have all our love and support.

Tres and Abby Gottlich; (214) 789-7264

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