David Draper

Outreach Coordinator | West Texas Office

David Draper serves as an Outreach Coordinator at Christian Homes & Family Services.

David’s goal at Christian Homes is to help serve women with unplanned pregnancies, and for those women who are not ready to be full-time, hands-on mothers, to explore adoption as a loving alternative to unprepared parenting.

In support of our vision of a Christian home for every child, David’s desire is to connect women who want a Christian home for their child with waiting adoptive parents. He reaches out to pregnancy resource centers and hospitals, helping others help those who are looking for options.

After 17 years as a social worker and 11 years in ministry, David is passionate about helping young women in crisis. As a believer adopted into God’s own family, he’s passionate about sharing how God’s grace extends to everyone regardless of their situation.

David has been married to his wife, Susan, since 1998. They are partners in life and ministry, and God has blessed them with two grown sons and one daughter.