Abby Hoover

Family Services Case Worker | West Texas Office

Abby started working for Christian Homes & Family Services in July 2015. She has a passion for empowering girls and women, especially those who have been exploited. Abby graduated from ACU with a Masters in Social Work in 2012. After graduation, she worked for Eternal Threads, a nonprofit organization in Abilene. Through that employment, Abby had the opportunity to intern with an anti-trafficking organization in Nepal for seven months, living in a safe home for rescued girls.

As an Adoption Caseworker, Abby assists couples interested in adopting and loves walking those couples through the adoption process. Abby is involved with the young adult’s ministry and prayer ministry at her church, and has a wonderful dog named Rio. She and her husband, Chris, were married in February 2019. The couple has one son.