Our History

Almost as soon as Christian Homes began operating, we discovered and began responding to a desperate need for maternity care for young women with unplanned pregnancies. For more than 50 years, Christian Homes has provided residential and community-based care for young women with unplanned pregnancies. Most often, the care culminates in the Agency finding loving parents to adopt their precious babies.

When a young woman with an unplanned pregnancy reaches out to Christian Homes for maternity care, our goal is that through the ministry, her life, as well as the life of her child, will be transformed. We may arrange for her housing in our apartments in Abilene or in her hometown. We may also provide to her food, clothing, medical care, legal services, moral support, counseling, and if needed, foster care for her newborn.

Our foster parents stand in the gap for birth mothers and adoptive parents. Foster parents love and care for newborn babies who must leave the hospital before all the legal hurdles have been jumped and they are cleared for adoption for their new, forever family. Infant foster care is provided according to the same strict standards as is required by the State for all foster care provided for minor children.

For young children who have been removed by the State from the home, likely shared with biological parents or relatives but where they were abused or neglected, our goal is that a Christian Homes’ foster family will be the last foster home they ever need. Our ministry is to identify, train, and prepare loving, Christian couples to welcome young foster children into their home and to ultimately make them a forever member of their family through adoption.

Christian Homes & Family Services is governed by a 23-member Board of Trustees who for more than three decades have operated independently of its founding church congregations. The agency is served by a 27-member team of dedicated employees; two of whom have worked for the agency more than 30 years. All trustees and employees are faithful and committed Christians. The Agency is licensed by the State of Texas to provide maternity care and foster care, and in both Texas and Oklahoma to provide adoption services.

Approximately 40% of the Agency’s $2 million budget is funded by adoption fees. For the balance, the Agency relies on the generosity of individuals, churches, sympathetic businesses, foundations, and sound investing of the dollars donated to the Agency’s endowment fund.

Since 1962 Christian Homes & Family Services has placed more than 1981 precious babies and children into loving adoptive homes, provided maternity care for more than 2729 women, and cared for more than 1770 foster children.