James and Abby’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We are so thankful for you and for your sweet baby. We don’t know your story, but we know that you are making many difficult decisions during this time. We know most of all how much you love your baby. We are praying for wisdom and strength for you, no matter the outcome, and are grateful to you for reading this to learn a bit about us.

We (James and Abby) met at a children’s camp when we were in college. We liked each other from the first minute we met, but it took us 8 months to go on our first date. Despite this, we both secretly knew early on that we wanted to spend our lives together! While knowing each other as friends, and then during our dating, we admired each other’s sense of humor, thoughtfulness and intentionality, as well as each other’s faiths. Our first years of marriage were filled with outside difficulty, including health problems and family deaths, but this only strengthened our love for each other and our faith in the Lord.

We are not able to have a healthy pregnancy due to some health conditions Abby has, including diabetes and a thyroid disorder. Rather than see this as a setback, we have decided to pursue adoption. We have had many experiences regarding adoption through friends and our church, and we are so excited to have a child to love, care for, and take on adventures with us! Our church has many multi-racial and adoptive families, so we know our child will have a wonderful, supportive, and diverse environment to grow up in, no matter the race or gender. We have a large extended family, with many aunts, uncles, and cousins ready to love a new family member. James’ parents live just down the street from us, and Abby’s family lives about an hour and a half away, so there will always be grandparents ready to love on our child!

James just finished his Master’s degree at Southwestern Seminary, and is currently working as a retirement planner associate at Fidelity Investments. He loves his job and has been able to develop leadership skills that he will take into his future occupation and ministry. Abby has been working at a small assisted living facility for several years and has recently transitioned out of the role in anticipation of adoption. She is planning on being a stay-at-home mom for our children and raising them to love the Lord and others.

We love spending time outdoors; exploring the trails, streets, and parks around our house. Our town has an incredible amount of parks and we have yet to explore them all. James’ family grew up camping, and they have passed the love on to him, and in turn, to Abby. We love finding the perfect hiking spots, swimming in the lake, or enjoying a cup of coffee in the hammock. James is also a talented banjo player, so the house is always filled with music! Our little backyard has a garden, with tomato plants, pepper plants, and lots of lettuce! The yard has plenty of green grass and a patio, and is our favorite place to be. We are in a neighborhood with many families, and our neighbors have been so excited and supportive of our journey to adopt. Our town is a very family-friendly town, with libraries, pools, and ice cream stores!

We are so thankful for you to learn a bit about us, and are honored to be considered to raise your child. We have been hoping and praying to adopt since before we were married, and while we know we won’t be perfect parents, we will strive to be faithful, loving, and caring to whatever child or children come into our home. We will teach them about God’s love for them, and your love for them. We will be praying for you and your baby, with whatever path you choose, that God would bless you and guide your steps.

James and Abigail (Abby) Smith

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