Estate Planning & Long-Term Giving

You can make an eternal difference in the life of a child, a Christian family, and young women who choose life for their babies by including Christian Homes & Family Services in your will and estate planning.

Below are just a few of the ways supporters of Christian Homes have benefited Christian Homes. To discuss the options, and learn which option might be of the most benefit to you and your loved ones, please contact President & CEO, Sherri Statler at or call her at (325) 677-2205.

We also contract with planned giving expert Dan Garrett of the Garrett Group who can advise you on the specifics of each option.



Perhaps the easiest way to help secure the future of Christian Homes is to include the ministry in your Will. This can be accomplished by naming Christian Homes for a Specific Bequest or a Residuary Bequest.

A Specific Bequest stipulates a percentage amount or a certain dollar amount. It may also include named assets (i.e., artwork, certain securities, jewelry).

A Residuary Bequest might gift to Christian Homes all or a portion of your estate after all other named bequests have been distributed to heirs.



Many friends of Christian Homes have their assets in a Revocable Living Trust. A Specific Bequest or Residuary Bequest can also be made from a Living Trust upon termination.



A Charitable Remainder Trust pays an income to one or more beneficiaries (usually husband and wife) for life or for a term certain. Upon the death of the income beneficiaries, the remaining assets in the trust vest with Christian Homes. There are potentially significant current tax advantages to donors who use Charitable Remainder Trusts.



Charitable Gift Annuities are among the oldest forms of philanthropy. Annuities are part gift and part annuity, hence Gift Annuity. A Gift Annuity is a contract between the donor and Christian Homes and provides a fixed income for life in exchange for cash or securities. Major portions of the annuity payment are considered tax-free return of principal and are not taxable income. Depending on the age of the annuitant, annuity rates may go as high as 11%. Gift Annuities also offer current tax advantages.



Many people own Life Insurance policies they no longer need. A simple way to advance the mission of Christian Homes is to name Christian Homes as a partial or full beneficiary of an existing policy. Gifting a policy may offer a current tax deduction.



Most children have no interest in moving back to the family farm or the home of their parents. Another great way to participate in the Christian Homes ministry is to deed a current residence, vacation property or farm while retaining a Life Estate. This gives the donor(s) full use of the property during life and passes it to Christian Homes outside of probate at death. There are potential current tax deductions for the donor.



A Charitable Lead Trust might be considered when a donor wants to pass certain assets on to future generations. The Lead Trust is funded with assets which pay an income to charity. The charity (Christian Homes) “leads” or receives the income for a term certain and at maturity the trust principal returns to heirs.



There are many kinds and types of “Gifts in Kind”. These would include anything from articles of clothing to artwork to grandmother’s favorite piano. Christian Homes is interested in any potential gift, but needs to reserve the right to decline certain gifts that may not be compatible with our mission. Always feel free to contact our office when considering a “Gift in Kind”.



Real Estate almost always creates an excellent gift opportunity for Christian Homes and for the donor. However, due to various government regulations and environmental considerations, please visit with us prior to deeding real estate to this ministry.