2022 Honor Gifts

In honor of Mrs. Jacque Ayers for Mother’s Day
 Mrs. Mitzi Mills

In honor of Mrs. Lisa Beaird
Ms. Rhonda Bossart

In honor of Miss Mary Blake
Ms. Patricia Garza

In honor of Tim and Pam Blythe
Bron and Donna Fore

In honor of first Mother’s Day for Mrs. Merrill Bradford
Aunt Nancy Miller

In honor of first Father’s Day for Mr. Zachary Bradford
Aunt Nancy Miller

In honor of Uma Chaudhari
Mrs. Ray Vannoy

In honor of David and Barbara Duncan
Bron and Donna Fore

In honor of Mrs. June Estes for her Birthday
 Ms. Sue Tindol

In honor of Mr. Cole Fore
Mr. Daniel Haggerty

In honor of Nathan and Bethany Gray
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Thompson

In honor of Miss Mackinzie Hall
Mr. Loyd Hall

In honor of Mrs. Lindsey Kennedy
Dr. and Mrs. Foy Mills

In honor of Dottie Latta for Mother’s Day
Ms. Kay Latta

In honor of Mrs. Diane Litton for Mother’s Day
Mr. John Litton

In honor of Mrs. Gertie Luckett for Mother’s Day
Mrs. Sherry Luckett

In honor of Mrs. Lois Lytle
Dr. Richard Lytle

In honor of Gary and Sylvia McCaleb
Ms. Rose Perry

In honor of Mrs. Bobbye McMillon
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff McMillon

In honor of Mrs. Rachel McNiece for Mother’s Day
 Mr. Jim McNiece

In honor of Misty Mitchell-Shockley for Mother’s Day
Jean Mitchell

In honor of Mrs. Melanie Pigg for Mother’s Day
Mr. Alan Pigg

In honor of Dr. Courtney Rose for Mother’s Day
Mr. Trevor Rose

In honor of Mrs. Janith Sallee for Mother’s Day
Ms. Rhonda Womble

In honor of Ms. Loretta Schniers
Ms. Michele DeRusso

In honor of Mrs. Gwynn Shultz for Mother’s Day
Mr. Ronald Shultz

In honor of Craig and Susan Schuster
Bron and Donna Fore

In honor of Anthony and Kellee Lyn Shoemaker
The Honorable and Mrs. Ted Poe

In honor of Miss Emily Taylor and Mr. Logan Dobson Wedding
Aunt Julie, Uncle Doug, Riley Allen and Pippa
Mr. Christopher Coyne
Ms. Julie Dobson
Ms. Deborah Dunn
Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Mark Gunter
Kate Hollis and Bethany
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Innocenzi
Mr. Dave Sackett
Mrs. Emily Wise

In honor of Mrs. Carolyn Wilson
D’Anne and Greg Melton

In honor of Mrs. JoAnn Womble for Mother’s Day
Ms. Rhonda Womble

list as of June 14, 2022