Kati Hanson

Business Manager |

Kati Hanson began working for Christian Homes & Family Services as the business manager in July of 2006. Having been born and raised in Abilene, she knew the great name and reputation of Christian Homes.

Upon completing her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Abilene Christian University, Kati went on to receive her Master of Accountancy degree the following year, also from ACU.

During her first years out of college, Kati worked in the accounting field as an auditor until having her first child. Still wanting to keep her foot in the door of finances, she worked part-time as a bookkeeper for Sherri Statler at Statler & Company. When Sherri made the transition to Christian Homes, Kati soon followed suit.

Kati has been married to her high school sweetheart since 1997, and has three children – two daughters and one son. Kati loves working for the ministry of Christian Homes & Family Services!