Zach and Amy’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We are honored and grateful that you would consider us for this blessing. We cannot begin to understand the difficulty of your decision or all that your heart must be feeling at this time. We want you to know that we have so much respect for you and your decision to give your baby life. We are looking forward to getting to know you and we pray for you daily.

Our names are Zach and Amy. We have been married since March of 2010 and both feel that we have married our best friend. All of our adult lives, we both envisioned ourselves as having children one day. When we learned we could not have children in the traditional way, adoption was a choice that came to us naturally since Amy has two sisters that were adopted. Then in 2015 our lives changed forever when we got the call we were dreaming of…our son had been born! We traveled quickly to Texas to meet him and have relished every moment since. We still, however, feel that our family is not complete and eagerly long for it to grow once more.

We are a laid-back couple who love to have fun together. We enjoy spending time playing with our son, taking him to new places, or just spending evenings at home. We also enjoy having game nights with our friends from church and going to hockey games. When we can get away, we enjoy taking vacations to our favorite spots, such as the Smoky Mountains and Atlanta. In the future, we plan to make lots of memories traveling to new and exciting places.

Zach is a kind, easy-going, and loyal Christian man with a good sense of humor. He is an audit manager for the state of Tennessee. The main part of his job is to make sure that his department runs efficiently. Zach enjoys reading and spending time at home. He also volunteers with an organization that entertains at charity events dressed as Star Wars characters. Everyone enjoys these events.

Amy is a nurturing, loving, and patient Christian woman. She was a first grade teacher in a Nashville public school for many years, but now she is a stay-at-home mom and homemaker. She says this is her dream job! In her free time, Amy enjoys cooking (something Zach says she’s really good at).

Ryan is a rambunctious, fun-loving toddler. He is creative, playful, and very loving. He loves being around other kids and will be a fantastic big brother.

Family is very important to us. Both of our parents live within 30 minutes of our home. They love to spend time with their grandkids and spoil them greatly. We also have a great church family with many friends who have young children. Finally, we have a sweet beagle named Luna that loves everyone and a cat named Smoky Joe. A new child in our home will be loved beyond measure.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and learn about us. We look forward to getting to know you better and one day telling our child what a special person his or her birth mother is. We pray that you will be filled with hope and peace in making this difficult decision.

With love in Christ,
Zach and Amy

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