Will and Sarah’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We are Will and Sarah Kersey. We have been praying for you and for your child for a long time. We love you and respect you greatly for the love that you are showing to your child and the adopting family you choose. It takes great courage to make hard decisions. It is brave to do what you think is best even when it is not easy. We are so thankful for you. If you choose to place your child with us, please know that we will continue to show nothing but love to you and to your child.

We have been married since 2009. We met in college and became great friends. It wasn’t until after college that we realized we were each other’s perfect match. We are both very laid back, fun loving people who truly try to enjoy life. We both love God and want to serve Him. We share a lot of common interests. We like going to football, baseball, and hockey games. We both love to travel. We have a pin map in our home of all the places we’ve been. We love adding new pins, but we are also very content having a lazy weekend staying at home with the TV remote and a pizza box keeping us company. We just like being together.

We have one daughter named Consie June who was born in January of 2016. She is awesome! We love watching her learn and explore. She loves to laugh and make you laugh. She enjoys being outside and loves to play in the water at the splash pad. She loves all her cousins (she has 11) and will be a great big sister.

“Sarah is the kindest and most selfless person I have ever met. She is such a great mother already. She loves to read to our daughter and teaches her new things every day. Sarah was a pediatric Physician Assistant for 5 years before we had our daughter, so she has been around kids a lot and loves them all. She now stays at home full time with our daughter and devotes her whole day to playing and teaching Consie. In her free time, Sarah loves to read, garden, and cook. Sarah has a younger sister named Laura who has special needs, so she learned at an early age the value of being kind to everyone you meet and how important family can be.” – Will

“Will is the best husband and father you could want. He is loving and patient. He makes his family a priority. Consie June absolutely adores him, and I do, too. He loves the Lord and leads his family well. He is a hard worker. Will works as a pension actuary, which means he calculates things for retirement plans. The best part of Will’s job is that he works from home. We get to see him often throughout the day. His job is very flexible. He is a super hands-on dad and always helps with naps and bedtime. Will can always make us laugh. He loves humor. Will also really likes to play and watch sports. Consie and her dad like to go play disc golf together. Will enjoys being outside and spending time with all his family. Consie June and I are so lucky to have him, and your child would always be loved by him.” – Sarah

We both have large families and enjoy spending time with them. We are so excited at the thought of adding another child to our family. We had always thought adoption was something we might do down the road. After we had Consie, the doctors told us that it would be in Sarah’s best interest to consider other alternatives to grow our family. We were disappointed at the news, but we trust God. We were excited to know that He was just showing us that it was the right time to adopt.

Thank you for considering us. We are humbled and excited at the thought of you choosing us to be the parents of your child. We know that God has His hands over us all, and we trust the decision that you will make.

God bless you and keep you,
Will and Sarah

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