Tyler and Lindsey’s Letter

Dear Birth Mom,

We are so thankful for you and the precious life you are growing. We cannot begin to imagine the choices and decisions facing you right now. You are already so loved by so many, and we, as well as our family and friends, pray for you often. God has an amazing plan for your life, and we know through Him all things work together for good.

God placed the desire to adopt in our hearts long before we were married seven years ago on March 13, 2010. Tyler’s mom was adopted from birth, and we have seen what a beautiful story of love, selflessness, strength and perseverance adoption can be. She is so excited to share the bond of adoption with another grandbaby.

We have two children, Layton and Evvie. They are both ecstatic to have another sibling. Layton, born in 2012, is a kind-hearted, energetic four-year-old who loves all things sports. Evvie, born in 2014, is a determined, fun-loving 2-year-old who is all about the color pink and princesses yet loves the outdoors. They ask questions about when we will bring a new baby home. We tell them God is growing a baby in our hearts and He will give us just the right baby for our family. Then they like to think up different names they think are suitable for the new baby.

Tyler runs a mortgage company in our home town and was elected to City Council last year. He is extremely involved in the community and loves to sing, play the guitar, golf, be outdoors, spend time with family and coach our kids’ sports teams.

Lindsey stays at home with our kiddos, volunteers in our community through several organizations and teaches in the Children’s Department at our church. She and the kids are always on the go to play dates, errands, the park, practices or events. She loves hosting, planning events, going to the lake, celebrating holidays and spending time with family.

We live in our home town where we were born and raised. We are more than blessed with lots (and lots) of family and dear friends close by. They are all just as eager as we are for us to bring home another precious little one. We are so humbled but mostly grateful to be on this journey, and we look forward to the day our paths may cross and we have the opportunity to unconditionally love another child.

Praying for you,
Tyler and Lindsey