Trace and Jordan’s Letter


We don’t know you yet, but we do already know some very important things about you: We know you are facing an extremely difficult journey, and that you are incredibly strong and brave. We know you have a selfless love for your baby. We also know that you are valued, loved and prayed over daily because we hold you close to our hearts. We don’t know each other yet, but we share a similar dream – we both want to give your baby a loving and caring home. We are honored that you have taken the time to read this letter and in awe that our lives might overlap through the precious child you are caring for so well.

We are Trace and Jordan and our story began as high school sweethearts.
We shared typical date nights, football games and drive-in movies in our small hometown and continued dating through college. Trace proposed our Junior year at Texas Tech and we got married just a week after Graduation! We quickly moved to the Dallas area and learned to rely on each other and support our own little family in a new city.

We have lived outside of Dallas since 2011 and see this as our forever home. We have two sweet dogs named Wrigley and Ebbet. After an early miscarriage in 2014, we welcomed our little girl, Ellisyn, in 2015. We feel blessed with the opportunity to parent together and although it comes with many ups and downs, we have loved every minute. Ellisyn fills our home with laughter and frequent dance parties. She is loving, energetic and extremely empathetic. She is thrilled we are planning for our family to grow and can’t wait to be a big sister.

Trace is a designer and currently the Interactive Lead at a small advertising agency. He enjoys listening to music, playing games and working with his hands. Relentlessly curious, he often finds himself in the middle of the next project or scouring the web trying to learn something new. Trace is quiet and reserved, and most enjoys time spent in smaller groups.

Jordan works in advertising as well, she is an Account Director at a startup agency just down the road from Trace. She is also an illustrator and enjoys all things that spark her creativity. In her moments of free time, you can typically find her reading, drawing or crafting (often gifts for family and friends). Jordan is outgoing and energetic, she enjoys spending time with her friends and volunteering at the church. She loves to get out and explore the city and finds all kinds of fun things for us to do as a family on the weekends.

During the day, Ellisyn attends a great daycare close to our offices. We reserve our time after work and on the weekends for family. We have dinner together most nights and Trace enjoys cooking with Ellisyn every chance they get. Our shared love for creativity overflows into drawing and reading together many nights. We like to get out of the house on the weekends; we enjoy going to movies, walking to the park, and exploring new events and places in Dallas. We are lucky to have family living nearby and spend many weekends with Jordan’s parents, we love knowing that our children will be able to develop close relationships with their grandparents.

We want to instill strong values in our children and make sure they share our love of learning, imagination, laughter, the Lord and his people. We have felt called to adopt since before we were married and always knew this would be part of our story, we trust that God’s perfect timing has led us to you. Thank you for considering our family, whether you choose us or not we hope you feel immensely loved and supported on this journey.


Trace and Jordan Thoma
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