Tim and Stephanie’s Letter

Dear Birthmother,

What amazing love and courage you have! We are thankful you care so much for your child and that you want to give him or her the best life you can. We feel the same way and we have been praying for you and your baby for a long time. We know you will make the best decision for both of you and that God will give you peace. We believe God has a plan and a purpose for every one of His children. We pray that His plan is revealed to you.

Hello! We are Tim and Stephanie! We have been married since 2009 and we still learn new things about each other every day. We met at a Christian university where we shared the love of music and ministry and knew right away God had planned for us to be together. We have a beautiful daughter who was born in 2012 and she can’t wait to become a big sister! She is a sweet, imaginative, and playful girl who loves singing and dancing to Disney music. We live in a small Texas town where we enjoy ministering to the youth, watching movies, and just hanging out as a family. Tim is a youth minister and has a special gift to relate to teenagers and speak to them about following Christ on their level. Stephanie is an accountant, but she gets to work in a wonderful Christian environment at a local children’s home. She enjoys seeing the children at the office and getting to know them better when they come to our church. Our daughter loves hanging around the teens as well; they are like big brothers and sisters to her and we know they will love another child to play with.

Tim grew up in a small town close to Austin and enjoyed going to church, hunting, fishing, playing trombone in the marching band and working at a local barbeque restaurant. He felt the calling to be a youth minister two years after high school when he went on a mission trip to India. We love visiting Tim’s family during the holidays, playing cards, watching movies, and eating great homemade food with them. Stephanie grew up in central Texas and enjoyed youth group, dance, drill team and playing the snare drum in the marching band. We enjoy visiting her family as often as we can. Your baby will have two sets of loving “Nanas and Papas”, two aunts, one uncle, and four cousins who are all excited to welcome him or her to the family!

Less than a year after we were married, Stephanie was diagnosed with Lupus, an auto-immune disorder. Her doctor told us that having a baby would be a very high risk, but we had faith that God would take care of her. She became pregnant and had few complications during pregnancy. Our daughter came out perfectly healthy, praise God! But Stephanie had many health issues arise after the birth. For the next few years, we prayed that God would bring Stephanie’s body back to a state where she could become pregnant again. Sometimes God’s answer is “No” and sometimes he doesn’t give an answer. But we knew HE had a plan for our family. We always imagined having at least two children, because we both love our siblings; however, we knew Stephanie would go through another flare, possibly worse than the first one, if she became pregnant again. We felt it was more important for Stephanie to be healthy than to have another biological child. With much prayer, we decided God was leading us on this path of adoption. We both want to give our best to this child, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We are so excited to finally add another member to our family!

Tim and Stephanie