Tim and Amanda’s Letter

Dear Birthmother,

Life takes us unexpected places sometimes, doesn’t it? When we got married, we had no idea we’d be writing this letter to you one day. But we’re grateful for the chance to tell you a little about ourselves, and grateful that you are taking the time to consider us! We know that you have a number of decisions to make as you consider adoption. We don’t know what you are thinking and feeling, but we do know a little something about what it takes to step forward in faith in the midst of circumstances that you may not have expected. We do want you to know that we admire your courage and generous spirit.

Our names are Tim and Amanda. From the beginning of our life together in 2008, we’ve dreamt of the family we’d have someday. When we discovered that we would never be able to have biological children, we were initially devastated. With one medical report, we lost the children we’d always imagined, and realized that we’d have a different story to tell about our family than the one we had imagined. In this new story, we are raising a toddler who joined our family through adoption, and hoping to add another son or daughter to our family through the gracious courage of someone like you. In this new story, we are telling our kids the story of the love that made us a family – the love of both their adoptive and their biological family. We don’t know your precise situation, but we are praying that you have the kind of support that you need as you make these important decisions. While our situations are different in many ways, we know first hand the importance of that kind of support.

Here are some things you might like to know about us. First, we are so excited about the possibility of welcoming another child into our family!! Our most joyful memories as a family are often the most ordinary – pancakes on Saturday, playing in the park, cooking dinner together, reading books, hanging out with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We can’t wait to add another child to our family fun! We live in a smaller college town in Texas, in a nice neighborhood near the university where Amanda teaches and minutes from Tim’s work downtown. In some ways, we are quite different. Amanda is outgoing and expressive, while Tim is quieter in a crowd but quite funny and warm among friends. In more important ways, however, we are quite similar. We both grew up in families who taught us to embrace life’s adventures and challenges with courage, hope, faith, love, and a sense of humor. We share the dream of raising children to love God, to discover their own God-given gifts and opportunities, and to find their own footing as they set out on their own journey as adults. And we share a love of laughter, of family, of God, and of life.

We hope this letter along with our photo album gives you a sense of our family so that you can decide if we seem like a good fit. We see adoption as the joining together of our own stories, your story, and the story of God’s faithful love. To whatever extent you feel comfortable, we want you to be a part of the story of love we hope and pray our child learns to tell.

In Christ,
Tim and Amanda

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