Taylor and Lindsay’s Letter

Dear birth mother,

Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves to you. You are already a very special person to the Borders family, as we have been praying for you and your baby since our adoption journey began. We cannot imagine how difficult this decision and season of your life has been, but we want you to know how honored we are to even be writing to you. Your courage to choose life for this child and make this undeniably hard sacrifice inspires us. We have so much love already in our hearts for you and this child. We pray for you every night as a couple.

We are Taylor and Lindsay Borders, and we have been married since 2010. We have one daughter named Emmie Joy, who was born in 2012. Taylor is an Estimator for a general contractor building company. Lindsay is a registered nurse, who is not working right now to stay home full time with Emmie.

After having Emmie, we were unable to have more children. For the past 4 years, we have been praying for more children, to which the answer has been no, even after several fertility treatments. We see that God has been leading us to adopt for a very long time, and we feel both honored and excited to be adopting.

Taylor is calm, steady, wise, faithful, and funny. He plays guitar and sings, loves building projects, enjoys nature and is involved in leadership at our church. Lindsay is passionate, creative, friendly, wise and compassionate. She loves to paint, sing, craft, enjoy nature, and do anything together as a family. Emmie Joy is a passionate, strong, funny, talkative and loving little girl who cannot WAIT to be a big sister. She practices taking care of her doll and already has planned out where the baby will sleep, play, eat, etc. She prays nearly every night to have a sibling. We also have two sweet dogs named Lucy and Piper!

We both have very big families who are excited and waiting for this adoption, praying with us along the way for you and this child. Your baby will be raise in a Christ-loving home, as we promise to teach and model the love of Jesus on a daily basis. We value great education, we love family trips and we enjoy new experiences together. We also are very involved in our local church and have a loving, supportive and excited church family, praying with us for this adoption.

We hope you know the deep love we have for you, and we pray for you to know this love as you make decisions both for you and this baby. We cannot wait to meet you, listen to your story and get to know who you are.

Sending you love and support in Jesus’ name,
Taylor and Lindsay

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