Steve and Courtney’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

“Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self…” 1 Corinthians 13:4 The Message

We cherish the love you have for your baby and admire your commitment to find his or her family through adoption. We can’t imagine how difficult this must be. We want you to know that our love for you and your baby will never give up. Cuddles, snuggles, and giggles are the way we begin and end almost every day, regardless of the challenges or victories we face. Our love is not dependent on actions or performance. Your child will be coming into a home where they are wanted, loved, and there will be plenty of cuddles, snuggles, and giggles to go around.

We are Steve and Courtney. We met at a young adults’ small group fourteen years ago. Soon after, we began a two-year courtship to intentionally learn about each other and prepare for marriage. Since our wedding twelve years ago on the beaches of St. Thomas, we’ve been able to travel across much of the country. During our road-trips, we chat about our family vision and we dream together. We enjoy seeing new places, celebrating traditions, but most importantly pouring life into our two kiddos. Deepening our relationships with close friends and family takes great priority in our hearts and schedule.

The longing to adopt has always been on our hearts, even before marriage. God called us to the incredible journey of adoption, and, as a vision for our family, told us, “There’s always room for one more.” During our courtship, often we discussed having lots of kids, both biological as well as adopted. While we’ve been blessed with two biological kids and thought we would have more, two high-risk pregnancies ended that likelihood, allowing us to turn our full attention to adoption.

Steve works as a programmer and has a passion for marriage and family. In preparation for the adoption, he has transitioned to a new position that allows him to work from home. Steve continues to pursue his Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling part-time while also serving in the Freedom ministry at our local church. Steve is passionate, energetic, and full of integrity. He tends to be silly, yet is serious when need be. He enjoys all things creative, especially drawing and exploring God’s creation through traveling with the family, hiking, and photography. He’s always wanted a large family and would semi-jokingly reply “50” when anyone asked how many kids he wanted.

Courtney is a stay-at-home, homeschool mom who loves to learn. She is a writer and editor, whose passion for writing helps her wake up before the kids. Her heart’s desire is to help people know God and themselves more deeply. Even in the mundane, she loves exploring how God can be found. In spare moments, she enjoys reading, singing, playing guitar, and running. Courtney deeply enjoys time with family and friends, but recharges her batteries in those quiet moments on her own with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Reece, our firstborn, is an enthusiastic helper. He serves others at every opportunity available. We see him growing into an incredible young man, just now celebrating his tenth birthday. He enjoys building, engineering, reading, hugs, and taking care of children smaller than him. Shelby is our artist and truly creative soul. She makes friends easily, usually within about 15 seconds of arriving anywhere. She is our tomboy princess who spends her spare moments reading, seeking adventures, racing on her bike, or playing with dolls. Both kiddos love worshipping, singing at home, in the car, pretty much anywhere. They are both so excited to meet their new brother or sister, and beam with joy when we let them know it won’t be much longer.

Thank you for taking the time getting to know us just a little bit. We look forward to meeting you in person and traveling through this journey together.

In His Love,
Steve & Courtney