Stephen and Holly’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

It is an honor to share a little window into our lives with you, we pray that this letter will help you as you plan for your baby. We are honored that you are reading this today and we want you to know that whoever you choose we are ultimately thankful for your choice of life for your child. Here is a look into our lives together…

We are Stephen and Holly; we have been married since 2015 and fall more and more in love with each other every year. We have been unable to have children and are beyond thrilled to grow our family through adoption. We can’t wait for our family to grow and have a little one to bring into all of our traditions and adventures. We recognize the sacrifices you have already made and will continue to make for your child. Our desire is to honor you by loving your baby with everything that we have!

Stephen is a Communications Manager at a large investment company. He works Monday – Friday leaving lots of opportunity for family time in the evenings and weekends! Holly is an Outreach Coordinator for a local non-profit. She has a very flexible schedule and will be able to work from home some so that she can be home with the baby most of the week.

We live in a 3-bedroom brick home just outside of downtown. Our home is a space for connection, relaxation, celebration, and community. We love to host parties and game nights. Every year we add to our Christmas light display, we LOVE Christmas and can’t wait to celebrate the holidays together as a family! We host a weekly life group at our home where we worship together and grow in our faith. Oh, and did we mention yet that we have an adorable labradoodle named Bailey? She can often be found napping around the house but can quickly shift gears to play time.

We are beyond excited to welcome a child of any race or gender into our family. We will incorporate your child’s culture into our home and lives. We are thankful to live in a community that feels the same way and will celebrate your culture with honor and respect. We have many multi-racial and adoptive families in our church and community. We can’t wait to teach our children about God through the lens of their own culture.

Thank you for considering our family. We know this decision must feel so overwhelming. Know that we trust the Lord’s work in and through you. You will choose the right family for your child. We are confident in that. If you choose our family, we’ll always tell them about how much you love them. We will unconditionally love and support them forever and we promise to teach them about God, laugh a lot, explore the world, and live closely with friends and family.

With Love,
Stephen, Holly & Bailey

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