Scott and Sarah’s Letter

Hello. We have such admiration for you! For you to consider placing your child for adoption shows how much love you have in your heart. We pray daily for you: that God gives you strength and courage through this time and that He keeps you and your child safe and healthy. We also pray God would guide you to the decision which is best for you and your child, whatever that may be.

We appreciate you reading this and giving us an opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Scott and Sarah. Our story began with our first date in late December of 2003 and married in July 2006. Through the years together, we have learned to have our marriage be built on a foundation of God, love, trust, communication and laughter. In 2016, we brought home our daughter through the blessing of adoption.

We live in a suburb of Houston, TX in a newly constructed home but are both originally from the Midwest, near St. Louis, Missouri. Our home was purchased specifically with growing a family and doing God’s work in mind. We have two cats, Tigger and Stripie. Tigger is the affectionate, needy cat while Stripie is your typical scaredy cat. Our neighborhood has wonderful walking trails, several playground areas and a waterpark. They also host many child-friendly activities throughout the year.

Scott is a chemist for a major oil company. He enjoys the challenging work environment and the people he works with. Prior to this he was a high school teacher in a small rural community in Missouri. He taught math and sciences including calculus, physics, geometry, biology, and chemistry. Scott loved interacting with students, helping them succeed, and he still keeps in contact with several of them to this day. In his free time, Scott enjoys cycling, cooking, watching TV and reading.

Sarah has a degree in education. She taught first grade previously but was a toddler teacher for the majority of her teaching career before becoming a stay-at-home mom to our daughter. Sarah loves children and continues to connect with her former students and with kids in our community. Sarah has a creative spirit including crocheting and digital scrapbooking. Alexia’s interests include Paw Patrol, Chuggington, Mickey Mouse and playing in her kitchen or helping in ours. She has a stuffed bunny that she loves to take care of including changing its diaper. We believe she will make a great big sister.

We love spending the majority of our time together. We believe our marriage is strong because we put God at the forefront and have our spouse as our best friend. We were both raised in church and will continue that tradition, raising our current daughter and future children in the church so that they have every opportunity to know and love the Lord as we do. Our parents are so excited to see our family grow and we know our daughter Alexia, who is almost 2, will make a great big sister. We also have a church family that is committed to providing support for adoptive families, and through helping at church each week we have met many friends who are praying diligently for us, for you and for your child.

We know that this letter only gives a glimpse into our lives and how we will be as parents to your child. We hope the information we have included shows you the love we have for each other, will have for your child, and will have for you. We would love the opportunity to meet you in person and learn more about you. Our promise to you is that we will love your child unconditionally, tell him or her about the birthparents who love him/her, and keep you involved with your child and a part of our lives.

God Bless,
Scott and Sarah

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