Samuel and Amie’s Letter


We can’t and won’t, pretend like we know the way you’re feeling, but we can tell you that we are so proud of you for choosing life for your baby, whether you choose to place for adoption or not. You have already made some amazingly difficult decisions, and you have more to come. But we want you to know that we are praying for you and your baby!

We (Samuel and Amie) were married in 2013, and we have a daughter named Leah, born in 2018. We were beyond blessed by the Lord to have Leah biologically, after 2 ½ years of trying to get pregnant. We have talked about adopting since we got married, and we are feeling the call to pursue it now. We know that we have been called to show the love of Jesus to others, and we hope to do that through this process as much as possible. Including in the relationship we may have with you. Of course, we will always respect your wishes and privacy. However, we do hope that you will want to have an open relationship. So that this baby will not only hear how much his/her birth family loves him/her from us, but that they can also see that in the relationship they have with you. Even if you choose not to have an open relationship, we will always tell this child how loved they are by all parties. How strong, brave and loving you are for loving them enough to choose life for them!

We go to church pretty much every time the doors are open, and we are able. We adore our church family, that is always supportive and loving. More than that, we love to learn more about God, and try to grow closer to Him daily.

Samuel works shift work so he has several days off during the week every few weeks. When he’s home he is taking care of things around the house, tinkering on one of his old trucks, or just hanging out with the family. Amie stays home with Leah and their days are filled with reading books, playing dress up, playing outside on the trampoline or swing set and swimming in the summer! Amie also co-hosts a Women’s Bible study on Friday mornings. Moms bring their kiddos and they run around and play in the gym while the grown ups have Bible study.

All of our parents live in town so we see a lot of family. Usually “Oma and Opa” (Samuel’s parents) will keep Leah one day a week, and “Papa” (Amie’s dad) will watch Leah for around an hour a couple times a week so that Amie can go to the gym. We have a great support system around us, and they are all so excited for us to pursue this.

No one and no family is perfect, but we do have lots of love. And we try our best to instill our love for Christ in our daughter and look forward to having the chance to do that with another child. We are so thankful you took the time to read more about us. We hope that you have peace and comfort every step of the way on this journey.

Samuel & Amie Mullen

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