Rick and Jennifer’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family. We are Rick and Jennifer. We want you to know that we are praying for you and your child during this time of life changing decisions. You are loved, and we are grateful that you are reading this letter. We hope it answers questions that you may have about us.

We met during a summer college session and were married three years later. Our marriage is built on love, respect, trust, and lots of laughter. We have learned to work together in order to get through life’s numerous challenges, and we recently celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.

Rick has a degree in Computer Science, and he is a Systems Analyst for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Dallas. He was recently promoted to the role of Director. He loves his new job and tinkering with computers in his spare time. Jennifer graduated with a degree in education. She taught 7th grade math for seven years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. In her free time, she likes to cross-stitch, read, and watch football. Each week, Jennifer and the kids volunteer at church to get the curriculum ready for weekend services.

We are very excited about adopting our third child. We always knew that we wanted a house full of children, but years went by before we realized where God was leading us. We have been blessed twice with the gift of adoption. Zachary is 10 years old, and loves Star Wars, superheroes, and dinosaurs. Annabelle is 5, and she loves princesses, My Little Pony, and playing with her dolls. They are both impatiently waiting to have a younger sibling to love and adore.

In 2011 we moved to Frisco. Although it was difficult to move away from family, this is where God was leading us. We routinely see our families every few months for birthdays, holidays, and fun outings. Zach and Annie love their cousins and don’t mind being spoiled by their grandparents. Being in the Dallas area definitely has its perks. We enjoy sporting events, amusement parks, museums, aquariums, and various other local attractions. Finding new activities to enjoy has become a family project, and we all love exploring different places together.

We are in awe of your courage and strength to provide a family for your baby, and we know that God will guide you to the perfect answer for your child. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. If you decide to consider us in your adoption plan, we would be honored to meet you. We will continually pray that God’s hand will be on your heart, and that His love will surround you.

Rick and Jennifer Eicher

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