Phillip and Kate’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Since we began the adoption process, we have been praying for you and your baby. We pray that you feel the love of God and are surrounded by the favor of God. It must have been challenging at this season in life, when you face difficult decisions around your baby inside you. We marvel at the courage and strength you’ve shown and are overjoyed to be in this journey together with you and getting to know you.

We’re both well-educated and have had successful careers. We believe we can help a child get a good education, and help build the skills for a successful career. Kate now works from home and has flexible hours to take care of a child.

Philip’s job is Monday to Friday and works normal hours at a family friendly company with generous vacation benefits. Kate left her job as a project manager in the engineering field and chose to be a health and wellness expert and slow down herself to be ready for our baby through adoption. Philip enjoys a balance of work and life, he exercises almost 5 days a week, and always have a positive outlook on life. Kate looks much younger than her age, teaches yoga, very into healthy eating and healthy cooking, and staying on top of health and wellness novelty that are available in the world. Both of us are into having a healthy lifestyle, yoga, and exercise. We also enjoy going to our married couples’ life groups for years, where we socialize and support each other. We travel to new places and we’re also both into Toastmasters which is a club for communication and leadership.

There are many parks near our house where we enjoy going on walks. There are some good schools nearby and the elementary school also has a park. We have some good friends that we know from church that just moved in near the elementary school. They have a 1-year-old baby and another one on the way.

Philip’s mother and sister’s family are about a 3 hour drive away. Before the pandemic, we did day trips every other month to see Philip’s mother and his sister’s family. Once the pandemic is over, we expect to do that again. Philip has 2 nieces that live near his sister that also have toddlers of their own. They would be great playmates for our future child.

We are at a stage of life where we are very established, both financially and socially, we so desire to have our own baby through adoption. We are so ready to provide a sweet home where our future baby can feel safe and loved, and can grow up under our love and care. We’ve been learning through parenting classes, and we look forward to raising our child to become a physically strong, mentally and emotionally healthy adult. We nurture him/her with love, kindness, patience, and we trust he/she will grow into the beautiful young man/woman that God destined him/her to be.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Love always,
Phillip and Kate; (832) 303-0220

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