Paul and Jen’s Letter

Dear Birth Mom,

A definition of a mother is someone who puts his or her child’s needs above their own. You are strong and courageous for considering adoption. We are praying for you as you have so many decisions to make. We think so highly of you and we feel so honored that you are taking the time to read over our letter and get to know more about us.

We are Paul and Jen. We met while in college and have been married since 2008. While our marriage road has been full of heartache…from death of loved ones, infertility, and a loss of a child shortly after birth, we have been stitched tightly together as a couple and stretched as a family with the Lord faithfully supporting us along the way.

When we were dating we talked about our desires for a family. In those conversations adoption was always part of our plan and desire. When we started to want to grow our family and through our struggles to get pregnant, we always prayerfully considered adoption. Through those years, we always felt the Lord saying “not yet”. Then in 2018 after the birth of our daughter, the Lord completely shut the door for us to have more biological children, and therefore we knew that he was finally opening the door for us to pursue adoption.

We have three children Greyson (2014), Isabella (2016), and Joanna (2018). We live on a farm complete with chickens, cows, a dog, and a garden. The kids love all the space to play, ride bikes, and explore. We definitely became accidental farmers but we have enjoyed figuring it out together. As a family we love to travel, be outdoors exploring, swimming or playing. We love baking and cooking as a family and most of us like trying new things; but mostly we just like spending time together.

Besides being accidental farmers, Paul is a full time pilot. This is awesome because he turned something that was a hobby for him into a career. Jen is a part time Event Coordinator at our church. This is not something she ever thought she would be doing, but loves every minute of it. The flexibility of both of our jobs allows one of us to be home with the kids most of the time.

Our families and friends are all excited and eagerly awaiting another child to love. We have personally been touched by adoption through some of those friends and we are so excited to finally be on this journey ourselves.

We are so thankful for you and we feel so blessed that God has brought us to this place of adoption. As you walk this journey know you are loved, thought of, and prayed for, by us, our friends and family but most importantly by the Heavenly Father.

Much Love,
Paul and Jen