Paul and Holly’s Letter

Dear Birthmother,

We have no frame of reference to know what you may be going through or feeling at this moment. What we do know is this—the fact that you are even reading this letter proves your desire to do what is best for your child. We have incredible admiration for you and we are praying for God to help and guide you during this time. Allow us to share a little about ourselves.

We met in 2002 when we were both singing in a professional choir together. The director, Mrs. Tam, knew both of us well and decided to play matchmaker. She said “Paul is good people. Holly is good people. I think good people should be together.” On our first date, we realized how much we had in common – interests, goals, values and dreams. It became clear very quickly that this was something special. After that night, we were basically inseparable. We were engaged 10 months later and married in June 2004. Mrs. Tam played the piano at our wedding.

Our marriage is based on mutual respect, friendship and a commitment to love each other no matter what – the way God loves us. More than just husband and wife, we are truly each other’s best friends. We can have the best time just curled up together on the couch, sharing our day or making each other laugh. We still hold hands, text each other at work most days just to say hello, and leave sweet notes for each other on the bathroom mirror. We have a close relationship and we know that including a child into our family will only strengthen that bond.

Paul (according to Holly): There are so many things I love and respect about Paul, it is hard to know where to begin! He is one of the most intelligent people I know. At the end of a long day he unwinds by playing video games. He is honest, fair, and kind. He is equally comfortable at the opera or at a backyard BBQ. He has a deep hatred for mayonnaise. He’d much rather spend his time with a few good friends vs. a big crowd of strangers. He is an amazing cook, and he loves to experiment in the kitchen. When he sings, people stop and listen. He isn’t afraid to be silly, especially if he knows it will make me smile. He loves God and his family. I know Paul will be an amazing father because he is an amazing man. I cannot wait to see him with our child — singing lullabies, building science projects, and grilling burgers on a summer afternoon. He will be a hands-on dad that will show his love in a million different ways.

Holly (according to Paul): Each and every day, I am amazed at how lucky I am to be married to my beautiful wife Holly. First of all, she is an incredible teacher. I know this because she is creative, intelligent, engaging, and fun to be around. She is strong yet compassionate and empathetic but still firm. But most of all, it is because she absolutely loves her students and she is extraordinarily dedicated to them. The result: her students AND their parents love Holly too, and are willing to work hard and go the extra mile for her just like she does for them. The best part is that these are the very reasons why she is an amazing wife, and why she is going to be an amazing mother as well. I am truly blessed that she chose me to spend the rest of her life with.

We live in Corinth, Texas, a family friendly, medium-sized suburb of Dallas with lots of trees and parks. Most evenings you will find the nearby athletic fields full of families watching their children play and others walking their dogs around the block. And if we want big city adventure, it’s just a short drive away! We bought our house with our future child in mind. Here we can teach them how to ride a bike, feed the ducks in the pond beside our house or walk to the park at the end of our block for some play time with neighborhood friends. We look forward to hearing the sounds of learning how to play piano in our living room and decorating homemade Christmas cookies together in the kitchen.

Both of our families are incredibly excited about welcoming a new member into the family! Whether it’s Easter egg hunts or birthday parties at Gran and Pawpaw’s with our two nephews, or running through the sprinkler outside at Holly’s parent’s house, our child will be loved immensely! We also have several close friends with young children that are looking forward to a new playmate! We often spend Friday or Saturday evenings at one another’s homes, grilling, playing cards and playing games with the kids outside.

It took many frustrating and emotional years of trying to conceive a child before we understood that God intended for someone like you to bless us with the opportunity of parenthood, and at the same time allowing us to give the blessing of providing a good home for a child. We know that you have many decisions to make, but we also know that God will reveal to you who He intends as your baby’s parents. Whether or not we are the right family for your child, we love you, and we are praying for you.

Trusting in Him,

Paul & Holly