Patrick and Heather’s Letter

Dear Birth Mom,

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We know you must be facing one of the hardest decisions of your life, and we appreciate you choosing life for your child. We feel honored to be considered for the adoption of your child. No matter what, we know you are courageous and have a great love for your child.

We are Patrick and Heather. We live in a small town in Western Washington state. We met while in High School, but did not start dating until after we had graduated. We were reintroduced when Heather was working at an assisted living facility and had to call 911 for a sick patient. Patrick was working as a volunteer fireman/EMT at the time and responded to the call. We’ve been together ever since and were married in 2012 (don’t worry, the sick patient healed just fine).

Early in our marriage we felt that God put adoption on our hearts. In both of our families, we have had great joy in being part of several adoption stories. We know there are a wide array of emotions with adoption. Happiness, sadness, joy, frustration, doubt, uncertainty and everything in between.

We were blessed to have our son Liam in 2016. He is a vibrant, adventurous, and caring boy who loves books, fire trucks, being pushed on a swing and just being a boy. We have loved becoming parents and we feel we have so much more love to give. Every child is precious and wonderful in God’s eyes and we cannot wait to meet the baby that God has planned for us.

Patrick works as a professional fireman, which is what he wanted to do since he was a kid. When not working at the firehouse, Patrick works as a part-time coach at a local CrossFit gym. He is driven, compassionate, and humorous. He has a zest for life and adventure. Heather works at a doctor’s office as a nurse once a week and rest of her time as a full-time wife and mom, and loving every minute of it! She is loving, charismatic, and loyal. As a family we enjoy a good balance of adventure and relaxation. We love to explore God’s creation from the beach, to the mountains and everywhere in between. We also really enjoy a weekend in our home enjoying time with family and our dog Dublin.

We feel so blessed that God has brought us to this place of adoption and we hope you know how much we love and support you in this time. We have been praying for you and your baby. If you would consider us to adopt your child we would love to hear from you!!

Patrick & Heather Williams

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