Nathan and Meredith’s Letter

Dear sweet mother,

Thank you for your sacrifice and carefully considering the future of your child. We are Meredith and Nathan Adams and we want to grow as a family. We met at college nearly 20 years ago, got married in 2006 and decided to make Abilene our hometown. Most days you can find Nate reading or doing laundry while Meredith is cooking treats for a neighbor. We both like to be outside and hang out with friends. We currently “parent” our pup Macaroni who loves to run with Meredith and plays well with kids. We did find out early in our marriage that we would most likely be unable to have biological children. While that truth has been a loss for us it has also allowed us to show our love for children in other ways through foster care and our work. Meredith teaches art at an elementary school. She tries to tell her students a story about overcoming challenges with kindness, creativity and effort through art projects. As a foster parent and teacher her greatest hope has been for children to know they are loved and beautiful AS IS. Nathan is a minister and loves to help others discover their strengths. He meets many interesting people during his visits at the nursing home, jail and food pantry. Along with Meredith he sees church as an extended family where everyone should be able to share their joys and struggles. We believe learning from our mistakes and hardships has prepared us to be stronger and supportive parents for a child one day. While we are grateful for the many blessings in our life, there is always room for more. Thank you again for being brave for your little one and considering us. Your baby will be loved no matter your choice and we are praying for you.


Meredith and Nathan
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