Nathan and Joyce’s Letter

Dear Birthmother,

We have imagined the day we would meet you for a while now. We’ve been praying for you and already consider you family. We know the child you are carrying will forever be a link that ties us together, and we are grateful you chose to give life to your baby. We know God has great plans for him or her. We can’t begin to understand how hard the decision to place your baby has been for you. We have nothing but respect and admiration for you. We know your decision is what you believe is best for your child, and we will always work to make sure your child sees you in that same light. We understand you are putting an incredible level of trust in us by choosing us to be your child’s parents. We don’t take this lightly, and we are committed to providing a loving environment where he or she can grow and flourish.

We have been married since 2008. Nathan was the videographer at the wedding of one of Joyce’s friends. She thought we had a lot in common, so she tried to set us up at her wedding. As all set-ups tend to be, it was an awkward meeting to say the least. A few months later, Nathan ended up coming to the singles life group at Joyce’s church, where we became friends. A couple of years later, we realized we really enjoyed each other’s company, and began dating. We were married within the next year!

When we got married, we had a plan for our family that included Joyce working for two more years as a teacher, and then she’d quit to stay home with the kids. God had other plans for us. The summer after we married, God called Nathan into ministry. We ended up moving to Abilene, so Nathan could go to seminary the next year. After seven and a half years of Nathan going to school part time and working as a webmaster and software engineer, he is finally done with school. Nathan finished his second degree and graduated with a Masters in Family Ministry in December 2016. Joyce is still teaching high school science. We view raising our children as our primary ministry and calling. We are actively involved in church. Nathan helps with technology needs at church, and he helps lead the music and is building a praise team. Joyce is involved in mentoring and will be the Vacation Bible School director this year. We both enjoy music and traveling. Nathan plays guitar, bass, mandolin, drums, and is learning piano. Nathan likes working with computers and playing golf. Joyce plays the clarinet and likes to do home improvement projects, sewing, reading, and spending time with friends.

We love kids and had hoped to start having children within the first few years of marriage, but that was postponed by the move. After the dust settled, we decided we were ready to start thinking about kids. We tried on and off for several years, and it has not happened on its own, which has been a struggle for us. After several years of prayer, we have come to realize that the reason things didn’t happen according to our plan is because God wants us to adopt.

We are committed to our marriage and doing whatever it takes to be successful. We love spending time together, whether working or playing. We try to take at least one fun trip a year and can’t wait to include a new little one. We will enjoy watching his or her face as we see all the animals at the zoo, for example. We are each other’s “favorite person,” and we are so excited to add a new “favorite little person” to our family.

We know that you have a tough decision ahead of you, and we are praying for wisdom and peace for you as you make it.

Nathan & Joyce