Nathan and Bethany’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

The world probably feels upside down in this moment, and we can only imagine the hurricane of emotions you’re feeling as you work to make a plan for your baby. Thank you for taking the time to look through these letters and to read the stories of families who are already praying for you and your little one. We’re grateful that you’ve picked up our letter. While we don’t know your name yet, you are in our prayers nightly for both the decisions in front of you and the life you have ahead of you. We respect you and your wisdom as a mother, and we pray that God’s peace will cover you each day, no matter what the road ahead brings.

We are Nathan and Bethany Gray, and we live in Maryland, not too far from D.C. We met in college in Abilene, Texas and married in 2006. Our friendship and love as a couple has carried us through lots of school, 7 years in Dallas, ~10 years in North Carolina and more recently on to Maryland for new jobs. When we found out years ago that it might be difficult to have biological children, we committed to opening our home to children through foster care. As foster parents, we parented children who were with us for stays as short as months or as long as three years and felt both the joys of loving children and the inexpressible pain of saying goodbye. While we have been blessed through our time fostering, we passionately want to have the opportunity to be a forever family to a child whose mom is looking for a place of permanent and unconditional love for her little one.

Nathan is a physician, primarily caring for patients with cancer and other serious illnesses in the hospital. In his spare time, he is an artist and loves watching basketball, action movies, and working on repairs around the house. Bethany is a scientist during the day, and afterhours loves baking cakes, hosting people in our home, and watching cheesy romantic comedies. We make frequent trips home to Texas and Tennessee to see our extended families, who are excited to support us as adoptive parents. Locally, our dear church has served as a diverse and loyal family to us. We live in an active neighborhood, surrounded by parks and a fun neighborhood playground, and our home is a place of laughter, forgiveness and silly dancing after dinner. We love walking in the parks and woods with our dog Lily, road trips to the mountains and beaches (only a few hours away!), trying new restaurants around town and traveling to new places.

Our life together so far has taught us to expect the unexpected, to be flexible and to be ready to play a part in the story that God is writing. We know that you are a part of your baby’s story in a way that can never be erased. We would love to get to know you, and we want you to continue to be a part of that story, to the extent that you feel comfortable. We look forward to hearing about your hopes, worries and dreams for the chapter ahead.

In love,
Nathan and Bethany

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