Mike and Katie’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We want to thank you for your courage to consider adoption for your baby. We know that this may be a difficult decision for you and we applaud your strength to choose life for your little one. We have been praying that God gives you peace and guidance as you continue throughout your journey. We are honored that you are considering us to parent your baby.

We are Mike and Katie. We have been happily married since 2011. We met at a hospital where we both worked at the time but did not start seriously dating until a few years later when Katie had returned from medical school. We decided to enjoy just being married for a few years before deciding to have children, and when we did start trying, we found ourselves faced with a difficult road ahead. We endured four years of infertility and lost a total of six pregnancies along the way. Throughout the heartache of these losses we knew that God had a plan for us and would provide us with children. We had always considered adoption and now are excited to know that this is where God is leading us.

Mike owns his own business repairing dental equipment. Though he travels throughout the region for work he has the flexibility to set his own schedule. His office is within our home and his job will allow him the flexibility to spend plenty of time with our family. Katie is a physician teaching doctors-in-training and also has a very flexible schedule. Her job also has ample vacation time. We are both off on the weekends, evenings, and holidays, which allows for plenty of time to spend together as a family.

In 2021 we were blessed with adopting our son, Samuel, when he was two weeks old. He has been such a joy in our lives, and we love him unconditionally. We both have large, supportive families who are so excited about our plans for a second adoption. Our church is also very supportive and has ministries dedicated to adoption and adoptive families. We are both from the town where we currently live, and have several siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and parents all living in the same area. We are excited to be able to raise our children with so many loving and supportive friends and family living nearby!

Our town is a great place to raise a family. We are so blessed to have a zoo, several parks, several lakes, a Science Museum, a splash pad, and many other fun attractions for families with young kids, as well as some excellent Christian schools. We also have a small dog, Riley, who is probably the happiest dog you could ever meet! We enjoy taking him for walks in our neighborhood and on the trails in our local parks. Our neighborhood has sidewalks and cul-de-sacs that allow for safe walking as a family. Though we live in town, we have a wooded area behind our house and enjoy watching for deer and listening to the owls at night.

Most importantly, though, is our strong faith in God. We want to assure you that your baby will be raised in a Christian home, where they will be deeply loved unconditionally. We will continue to pray for you as you make a decision for your baby, and that you will be at peace with that decision as a part of God’s will and plan for both of your lives. We want you to be truly comfortable with whatever decision you make and we respect you for it. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and we look forward to meeting you!

With love and blessings,
Mike and Katie

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