Michael and Melanie’s Letter

To a loving mother,

Scrolling through adoption profiles probably isn’t something you imagined yourself ever having to do. Writing this letter wasn’t in our plans either, but we sit here writing with pounding hearts, excitement, nervousness, and every emotion in between.

We are Melanie and Michael. We met on a dating app called Bumble in April of 2017. We quickly began spending time together each day. We loved hanging out just the two of us, being with friends, and talking about our future. We got engaged June of 2018 and married on New Year’s Eve that same year. Melanie was a special education teacher when she met Michael and is now an educational diagnostician. She is passionate about special education and advocating for student needs. Michael is a collegiate track coach and is passionate about creating strong relationships with his athletes. Outside of our jobs we love spending time with our daughter, Evelyn, playing, being silly, being outside, and so much more. We love spending time with our family and friends, our church community, and both love reading. We are involved at our church with service, class, and small group. Our small group is full of kids from 9th grade to 1 year old. We love to look for service opportunities in our communities where we can involve our kids in the service. It is our desire to raise children who love God and love others.

Four years ago, we found out we were pregnant with our sweet baby girl, Evelyn. She was born in 2020, in the midst of COVID-19, and is now a sweet, spicy, and hilarious 3-year-old. Five months after she was born, we began trying to conceive again not knowing this would begin our journey with infertility. Throughout the past 3 years we’ve had 3 miscarriages and 3 failed fertility treatments. We know our story isn’t over and we can’t wait to add another child to our family who will be loved beyond what words can describe. We have a beautiful home, loving and amazing families that live close, and a wonderful community. We consider ourselves blessed in so many things. However, when we look around, we see space in our hearts where we desire to have more children to love and a little girl who wants a baby sister or brother so badly.

The best titles we have are mommy and daddy. We can promise a life of unconditional love, patience, forgiveness, days filled with fun, bedtime stories, messy snacks, dance parties, celebrations during the good times, open arms and listening ears during the bad, and each day we promise to put our entire hearts into providing the best home and future we can. We can also promise that this child will always know that your love for them was so great and ran so deep that adoption is how you were able to give them the future you felt they deserved. We are honored that you are considering our family.

Melanie has known since high school that she had the desire to adopt one day. Michael grew up with a sister and many cousins who were adopted. So, while we only began our journey towards adoption 3 years ago, it has been in our hearts long before that. We can imagine that your adoption story is just as important and just as emotional. Your story isn’t over with either and if chosen we will make sure your child knows your strength and the amount of unconditional love that goes into making the choice of adoption.

We pray that God will help direct your path and ours. Thank you for reading our letter and considering us for your child!

Michael and Melanie

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