Michael and Erin’s Letter

Dear Birth Mom,

Psalm 29:11 “The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.”

What brave love it takes to choose life and what a beautiful story written by God you are about to embark upon. Adoption is a journey with the Lords hand and grace covering and guiding you. We are both excited and nervous (mainly Erin, Michael is steady-cool, always) to be beginning this adventure that we have been praying about for what seems like forever.

We are Michael and Erin. We are both from Abilene, where most of our family still lives and we see very regularly. We met in a United grocery store parking lot on a hot July day while Michael was working and we went on a date the next day! I think it was love at first sight! We have been married for seven years and have two little boys, Hank and Flint, and a sweet little girl in heaven named Rowan. It is our drive as parents to raise our children to be confident, loved and know Jesus is our ultimate hope.

Michael is a local firefighter for Abilene and is extremely fortunate to love his job. On his “off” days you can typically find him in his shop in our backyard working on a blacksmithing job. Michael is loyal, consistent, calm and has the best dry humor and leads our family so well. He is raising our two boys to be hard workers, just like him.

Erin is lucky enough to be a work-from-home mom. She is family-orientated, accepting, dedicated and enthusiastic. She loves to bake, spend time outside in the greenhouse and get morning snuggles from the boys. Erin’s favorite part of her job is when she gets to bless people with home cooked meals. As an adoptee, Erin has been dreaming and waiting for a child that she can share an extra special bond with.

Hank is our easy to laugh child, fairly cautious, and always gives his love easily. Flint is very stubborn and we are pretty sure he is made up of apple pouches, yogurt and Pirates Booty. Rowan is our middle child. We found out early in the pregnancy that she suffered from a chromosomal disorder and the chances that she would live were slim. We made the decision to carry her as long as God would let us and love her throughout. She was born at 30 weeks but God called her home shortly before she was born. We continue to talk about her, celebrate her and she makes heaven feel more real. Our boys have been praying for a baby to join in on the fun for so long and can hardly wait!

In our home we will continue to celebrate you, too, dear friend. We will speak your name out loud when we talk about being brave and selfless. We will continue to praise and point out the good you instilled in your child.

God is writing a beautiful story for you and your baby’s lives; we hope to be able to join you on that road.

With Much Love,
Michael and Erin

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