Matt and Randi’s Letter

To our hero,

We have written this letter to you in our minds and on our hearts for over a decade, so it is with so much joy that we finally get to write it out to you. More than anything else, as you read this, we pray you know how crazy, unconditionally, fully loved you are by Jesus. You are more treasured and adored than you can imagine. We would guess that where you find yourself right now may not be where you intended your life to be. But as we think about how much you must already love your child to so selflessly and sacrificially consider adoption, it reminds us of how deeply God loves us- to selflessly and sacrificially give us His Son. You, our brave, sweet friend, draw us closer to the heart of God. Oh, how we pray that this beloved child inside of you draws you closer to the heart of God too. And we pray that you will give us the great blessing of getting to love your child in a way that reflects how much the Lord loves us.

We are Matt and Randi Wideman and we have been married since 2007. We are crazy about each other, our beautiful daughters, living life to the fullest, loving people, and mostly, we are crazy about Jesus. When we were dating in college, we both felt the Lord telling us that adoption would be part of our family’s story one day. We didn’t know when, but we felt certain of His calling for our family. So, we have been praying for the precious child the Lord has for our family and for his/her birth mama since before we were even a family. We hope that just reminds you that the Lord sees you and cares so deeply about you and your child that He would have a random couple praying for you and your child for the past 13 years! We could not be more excited to finally get to grow our family through adoption and are continually reminded that God’s plans for us are always better than the ones we have for ourselves.

Matt is kind, honest, determined, disciplined, and so silly! He played soccer in college at SMU and then played professionally for a bit (so cool!), but now he works as a commercial real estate broker in Dallas. He loves taking his girls on all sorts of adventures: from camping to fishing to skiing to soccer to anything outdoors. He makes us all brave and keeps us laughing! He is truly the best daddy in the world. He has such a heart for the Lord and loves to help men, especially dads, grow in their relationships with God. Randi is full of joy, energy, kindness and compassion. She loves people in the biggest ways and brings fun every where she goes! She used to be a high school physics and chemistry teacher, but now she stays at home with our beautiful girls and loves to teach people about Jesus and the Bible. McKinley is our first born blessing; she is 8 years old and the kindest little girl you will ever meet. Mercy Belle is our almost 3 year old little princess who keeps us laughing. They adore each other and can’t wait for the Lord to give them another sibling! We have one very loving golden retriever, named Trigger, and a fluffy bunny named Oreo. We have the most wonderful family and friends that are praying for you and your baby too. Everyone can’t wait to celebrate and love on the special child the Lord gives our family through adoption.

We are not perfect, but we know and love our perfect Father and we promise to raise your child to know His perfect love too. We will shower your child with love and affection and acceptance and teach him or her about the fullness of joy and peace we have found in Christ. We would love to know you and all your dreams and desires for your child. Thank you so much for considering our family! We are praying for you and your precious child and are so hopeful for the plans God has for all of us.

Joyfully in Christ,
Matt and Randi Wideman

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