Mason and Kaitlin

Our walls echo with laughter. We enjoy being silly with each other and experiencing joy in our marriage. One of the reasons we love being married is because we can be 100% ourselves with one another without being afraid of what the other might think. We love going to new places and traveling together. We have a deep appreciation for rivers, lakes, and waterfalls and we love to visit those places as often as we can find them. We have dreams of vacations and trips to wonderful places and dreams of continuing to grow in our joy together. However, our biggest dream is to add a child’s laughter to our home. A child to share our faith, happiness, and love with and to grow family traditions with.

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Basic Information

Name:  Mason
Age:  32
Education:  Master’s of Divinity
Profession:  Preaching Minister
Personality Traits:  Kind, Gentle, Introspective, Silly
Race/Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Religion:  Christian – Church of Christ
Hobbies & Interests:  TV & Movies, Music, Sports, Reading, Writing

Name:  Kaitlin
Age:  26
Education:  Master’s of Science in Social Work
Profession:  Social Worker
Personality Traits:  Dedicated, Organized, Compassionate, Funny, Quick Witted
Race/Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Religion:  Christian – Church of Christ
Hobbies & Interests:  Traveling, Crafts, Movies, Shopping

We Hope to Adopt A Child Who Is...

Age:  0-3 months

We have been married for almost 5 years now. Our first few years were filled with completing our Masters degrees and getting settled into our careers. In the recent years we have experienced some of the sweetest times of our marriage and really grown into who we are. We chose to start our family a few years ago and have not been able to do so biologically. However, we have always known adoption would be a part of our story, we just didn’t know when. Eventually we realized that God wasn’t opening the door of biological children just yet, but that he was granting us the deepest desires of our hearts by opening the door that would join our passion for adoption with our desire to have a baby. We can’t wait to watch God’s handiwork as he joins together our story of faith and and your story of deep and sacrificial love.

More Information about Our Family

Married:  4.5 years
Residence:  4 bedroom 3 bath brick home
State:  Texas
Neighborhood:  Rural, but close to an Urban area.
Other Children:  None