Mark and Michelle’s Letter

Dear Birth Mom,

You don’t know us yet, but we have been praying for you for a while now. One thing that has been pressed upon our hearts is the very real struggle that you have and will go through with this process. We know that you are an incredibly courageous woman, and we are excited to meet you.

Michelle was born and raised in farm country Illinois. She has a great family, who love the Lord. Mark was born in Georgia, but grew up in Tennessee, where we met. Mark’s family members are some of the most genuine, caring people you’ll ever meet. With family in Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, and Tennessee, we LOVE visiting both of our families. We are a very close knit group. We have the greatest support system in our family. They are our trusted advisers, and our biggest cheerleaders.

We met in Tennessee at church. Michelle had moved to Tennessee from Florida, where she went to college. We became fast friends, and it was not long after we met that we fell in love. We were married in June of 2015. God called us to Texas in 2017. Mark felt the Lord tugging on his heart to work with youth in a full time capacity. He was given the opportunity to be the children’s pastor as well as the single’s pastor at a church in Flower Mound, TX. Our church is an incredible community of good people who love God and want to serve others. We love our new church home.

We enjoy our beautiful life. Mark really enjoys getting the opportunity to work in our children’s ministry. Their energy is infectious. Michelle teachers high school English. She loves working with teenagers and the advisor role she gets to have as she helps steer them in the right direction for their lives. We also both coach. Michelle coaches the girls’ basketball team at our school (she won her first championship just recently!) Mark helps in the soccer league at our school. We love sports. We also love adventure and traveling. We’ve been to Mexico, Belize, Hawaii, as well as traveling around the U.S., and we hope to do more traveling in the future.

When we first got married, we wanted to start our family immediately. After a year of no success, we sought medical advice, and found it was going to be a difficult journey to have children. We went through various fertility treatments for a year and a half before realizing there was a better way–Adoption! We had talked about this possibility even while we were dating, and now we are ready. We want to be a part of your story as well. We are thrilled to adopt! We cannot wait to love on a precious little one.

We want whatever is best for you, and to be able to encourage you through this journey. Thank you for your courage and love that you have already shown that sweet baby of yours!

God Bless,
Mark + Michelle