Landon and Mary’s Letter

Dear Birth Mom,

We acknowledge that in this crazy world we live in, things don’t always go as originally planned. In fact they quite often don’t! We appreciate how you, even in the midst of huge challenges, have chosen to do all that you can to ensure the best possible life for your baby. We believe that children are a gift from God and the decision you are making is honorable to him! On top of making an incredible decision for your baby, you are giving some sweet couple the most incredible gift of parenthood. As you choose the best life you can for your little one, know that many other couples are praying for you.

One such couple is us! Our names are Landon and Mary, and our story began in college, where we met through friends. Two years later, we began our little family in 2014, when we got married in a small central Texas town, where we still live. Before we got married we talked at length about our family “plans.” We both agreed that adoption was in our future. As all humans are created in God’s image, we believe it is our responsibility to value life, and one way of doing that in an impactful way is through adoption. In addition, we see adoption as a beautiful depiction of the way God has adopted us into his family. Our family has already grown twice biologically, with our son Emmett who passed away in 2018, and our daughter Charlotte (Lottie) who was born in 2019. We are excited now to grow again through adoption.

Landon is an Associate Pastor and Student Minister at a small Baptist Church, where he has been for over 7 years. This ministry fits Landon perfectly, as he is patient, caring, intelligent, and is an incredible teacher. Though he may seem reserved and thoughtful most of the time, he has a secret goofy side that comes out around close friends!

Mary is a part-time Oncology Clinician, in other words, she is a registered nurse that administers chemotherapy. She also volunteers with her local Hope Mommies chapter, a ministry that cares for women who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. Both of these positions exemplify her nurturing character. She is a very committed person, committed to working hard and committed to playing hard!

We own a quaint, historical home in central Texas—in a town big enough to get to know new people but small enough to see someone you know everywhere you go. We both tend to be home-bodies but love spending our time hiking at local parks, gardening, woodworking or reading. We enjoy spending laid back time with friends and family. Though we are pros at relaxing, we find ourselves always having various projects to work on throughout the house.

God has given us the most supportive church and family, who are all thrilled to see our family grow. They grieved with us when we lost our son Emmett Eli (who was born premature), celebrated with us when Charlotte Joy was born, and are eager to see our family grow again. Our list of willing babysitters is quite long. Even more importantly, the list of those who are committed to pray for and support our growing family is extensive. And that entire list is fervently praying for YOU, as you make your decision.

As we pray over our daughter each night, let us pray this over you: “May the Lord bless you and keep you, may his face shine upon you, may he be gracious unto you and may he give you peace.”

Landon and Mary

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