Lance and Courtney’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you. Thank you for putting your child first and chosing life. Please know how loved and appreciated you are. Even though we don’t know you, we pray for you and your child every day. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are so excited to adopt a child into our family.

We are Lance and Courtney. We have been married since 2016. We have lived in DFW most of our lives and love it here. Lance owns a local automotive business. He pours into his team and is a hands on leader. But he also is able to make his own schedule and spend quality time at home and volunteering. Courtney babysits twice a week and volunteers at the church and local food pantry.

We met in 2013 and hit it off right away. We built our relationship on first becoming best friends. Through that and our mutual love for all things outdoors, pets, and sports we fell in love and got married in 2016. We knew immediately that our marriage needed to be founded in God. We got rebaptized together and joined our church on our first anniversary. Since then, we have both grown in our faith and love for God and each other. As in any marriage, we discussed having children early on. Adoption was always a part of that talk. Courtney was adopted and also placed a child for adoption many years ago. It is a part of our lives. We do not have any children yet. But we know that God has a plan for our family. We know first hand that all children are gifts from God no matter if it’s through adoption or biologically.

Quality time is so important and we cannot wait to have a child to share it with. We love to plan road trips, hiking, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and playing with our two dogs. And we love food! We love to cook and eat. We both have family that live close by and we enjoy time visiting them. They are all excited to welcome a new member to the family. A lot of our time is also spent with our church family. We love our church. We are involved in bible studies, ministries, community service projects, and lots of eating. Our church also has a wonderful children’s ministry that surrounds every child with love and support through the knowledge of God. Lance was also recently ordained as a deacon.

We believe that God must be the foundation of our lives. We work each day to draw closer to Him. The more we lean into God’s word, the more he fills us. And the more he fills us, the more we have to pour into others. His love and guidance will lead us as we raise this child in His ways. Everything we do, we always try to do in love. That is what God teaches us to do. We have so much love to give. We pray every day for God to bless us with a child to raise and to watch over you.

With Love,
Lance & Courtney

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